Hadith Actions are Judged by Motives

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    Actions are Judged by Motives:hamdulila:

    By Mohammad Rafique Etesame

    It is narrated on the authority of Amirul Mu'minin, Abu Hafs 'Umar bin al-Khattab (ra) who said:

    I heard the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) say: "Actions are (judged) by motives (niyyah), so each man will have what he intended. Thus, he whose migration (hijrah) was to Allah and His Messenger, his migration is to Allah and His Messenger; but he whose migration was for some worldly thing he might gain, or for a wife he might marry, his migration is to that for which he migrated." [Bukhari & Muslim]

    This hadees reveals that we will get the good reward or punishment of our deeds at the Day of Judgment according to our motives. If our motive is, from our good deeds to be seen in the people and not for the sake of Allah, than we will get the punishment rather than the good reward by our good deeds. And if these actions had been done purely for Allah’s sake, than no doubt that reward will be the Paradise.

    So it is necessary that our motives by our good deeds should be only to please Allah Almighty and not for worldly things and to show the people. By this way, these will be lost and will get no reward.

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