Al-Qaeda's reality

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عبد الواحد الصقلي

In the name of God and Jihad were killed almost three thousand people on September 11, 2001. In the name of God and Jihad has been justified one of the greatest genocides in modern history; were killed almost a million and a half Iraqis since the debut of the U.S. war in Iraq, and still people continue to die and suffer. In the name of God and Jihad have been persecuted and killed thousands of Afghans. This Jihad has not brought any benefit to Arabs and Muslims, on the contrary, those who have benefited from it are the great enemies of the West.

In the name of God and Jihad, the destiny of Arabs and Muslims has been entrusted to imperialist hegemony and to domination of authoritarian regimes. In the name of God and Jihad, Muslim countries have been invaded and occupied by foreign armies, who have placed their military bases everywhere. In the name of God and Jihad, Muslims have been deprived of their dignity, and everywhere suspected of terrorism and fanaticism. What is happening today in the Arab and Muslim world is the direct result of the supposed fight against a jihad without rules. In all operations carried out by al-Qaeda against the United States wanders a strong suspicion. From the outcome of numerous studies and investigations by the security and military strategy experts there seems to be a clear collaboration between al-Qaeda and the U.S. Secret Service, as shown, inter alia, by the investigations following the bombing of the USS Cole in the port of Aden in Yemen the bombings in Madrid in 2004, from those on London in 2005, or the attacks in Kenya and in Tanzania. All these operations are the result of a “ghostly terrorism” programmed at the table by U.S., British, and Israeli intelligence agencies, in order to extend their hegemony in different parts of the world.

Today, in light of these investigations, at least we should ask ourselves: What were the political, economic, cultural and military achievements thanks to the strategy of al-Qaeda? Which political changes have taken place in countries where al-Qaeda has placed their activities? Why these activities have promoted the hegemonic and imperialist policy of America and the United Kingdom in the Arab world?

What is today's standard of living of these people compared with the situation before September 11 and with the birth of the movement of al-Qaeda? The organization of al-Qaeda has not been created to fight the infidel colonial powers and the Crusaders. There is no profit in this area al-Qaeda has served to organize a 'spectral terrorism", instrumental to the British and American geo-strategic interests, under the cover of Islamic slogans.

And that, since its foundation, since the war in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union and against Russian influence in Chechnya , Uzbekistan , Bosnia, Macedonia and Kosovo. It has also provided a pretext to America to justify its reprisal in Afghanistan and Iraq. The Indian intellectual, Arundhati Roy, said that "terrorism is the privatization of war" and that "terrorists are the free merchants of the war."

Al-Qaeda is a terrorist organization that employs its military capabilities to serve the interests of the colonial powers. In other words, it is an organization that provides services to military and paramilitary Crusaders. Their fighters are "mercenaries." Religious and political slogans that have led al-Qaeda in media consumption, have captured the attention of young Muslims, excited to sacrifice themselves for the sake of their community, and this empathy is nothing but the result of a systematic propaganda put in place by the media, who have emphasized the role of the organization, and have deliberately represented its leaders as the champions of the Umma.

Al-Qaeda has been based on the illusion of a hope never realized, and on the distortion of the concept of jihad. All to serve the interests of Anglo-American imperialism. When it comes to fighting the infidels of origin to serve the interests of America, al-Qaeda is present, while in the war against the apostates of the Arab regimes, which should be fought first and foremost, al-Qaeda has not lifted a finger . And this says a lot about their real intentions.