Alexander the Great...Dhul Qarnayn????


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Assalamu Allaykum ALL!

I was just catching up studying for my World History exam...when the topic of Alexander the Great came up. So I looked him up on Wiki and came across an article titled "Alexander the Great in the Qur'an."

My eyes kind of boggled surprised because everyone is told he's a pagan and was even considered to be gay as well. And don't forget the movie with Colin Ferril too...

So I'm reading it and it goes on about how it's debated amongst Islamic scholars of the past on whether he was Dhul Qarnayn...the mystery prophet mentioned in Surah Kahf....and it says that Dhul Qarnayn literally translates into two horned-one in English. And it was said and even portrayed in paintings that he had two horns. It keeps repeating how it's greatly debated and controversial and how Ibn Hasham theorized it all....and how some historians believe that it's very similar to what Alexander the Great was said to have done...and how he erected the wall against Gog and Magog

But this all doesn't add up...his mother was a pagan and he was rumored to do strange things...????? Can anyone clear the confusion please? I kind of think it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to attach him as being a prophet...when it most likely seems he was not. What do you all think?

Ma saalam