Allah, Al-Warith (the Inheritor)


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He is Allah, Al-Warith (the Inheritor)… "Indeed, it is We Who give life and cause death, and We are the Inheritor"(Al-Hijr: 23).
"Al-Warith" (the Inheritor)
He inherits the earth and what exists over it (i.e on the Last Day), and nothing and no one will be left (on that Day) except Him.
"Al-Warith" (the Inheritor)
He remains after His creation, as His Kingdom is perfect. All other kingdoms return to His Kingdom.
He warns those who transgress and oppress that their end is to Him (Allah), because He is the Inheritor.
"Al-Warith" (the Inheritor)
He urges His slaves to spend for His sake, as money is transient and years pass, and the return is to Allah, Al-Warith.
"Al-Warith" (the Inheritor)
He warns His slaves against not thanking Him, for every blessing initially comes from Him and will end with Him.
"Al-Warith" (the Inheritor)
He inherits the earth and what exists on it, and all that remains after others cease to exist… "It is We Who were the inheritors" (Al-Qasas: 58).
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