Allah is Al-Hakeem (the Perfectly Wise)


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He is Allah, Al-Hakeem (the Perfectly Wise) ...&"Is not Allah the most just (and wisest) of judges?&" (At-Tin: 8).
&"Al-Hakeem&" (the Perfectly Wise)
He arranges His creation in a well-organized way, and He created it perfectly. He places things in their proper places according to His Wisdom.
&"Al-Hakeem&"… He created His creation and arranged matters for a great wisdom . He does not create anything in vain, and never legislates a law to no avail. To Him belongs total power in this world and the Hereafter.
&"Al-Hakeem (the Perfectly Wise)&"
He legislated laws due to His wisdom, and laid down its details , also due to His wisdom. His legislations are based on great wisdom with regards to their aims, hidden benefits, and results and effects, both in this world and the Hereafter.
&"Al-Hakeem” (the Perfectly Wise)”
All His decrees and ordainances spring from His perfect wisdom. He is perfectly wise in ordaining one person to be poor, another to be sick or weak, or another to face financial problems. His managing of the affairs of His slaves is never anything less than perfect, and His Words and Actions are never defective. To Him belongs great wisdom.
&"Al-Hakeem&" (the Perfectly Wise)
He inspires to His slaves wisdom, knowledge, prudence, and the ability to deliberate calmly, and only He has the acuity to place things were they should be.
He is the Most Wise. Nothing takes place in His universe without His permission, and to Him belong the right to permit and forbid. Law is what He legislates, and religion is what He commands and forbids. There is no change to His law, and no stopping His decrees and orders.
&"Al-Hakeem&" (the Perfectly Wise)
He is never unjust to anyone, for He is Absolutely Just in His commands and what He forbids.
He is Allah, Al-Hakam (the Judge, the Giver of Justice, the Arbitrator), Al-Hakeem (the Perfectly Wise)..

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