Amra Bint Abdur Rahman, a student of Aisha (RA), an exceptional scholar and Hadith transmitter

Abu Juwairiya

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"The Jurist, Amra bint Abdur-Rahman was a pupil of Aisha bint Abu Bakr, the Prophet’s wife and an influential hadith transmitter. Amra is known for having had the best knowledge of the hadith passed down to her from Aisha.

With her extensive knowledge, Amra was considered an authoritative voice of hadith and overrode many other male scholars during this period. Amra had a special relationship with Aisha; it was believed she acted as Aisha’s secretary and was responsible for all correspondence . Amra was the granddaughter of one of the Prophet’s companions, Asad ibn Zararah Ansari.

Later in her life, she was often relied upon by Islamic scholars to provide reliable hadith.

Ahmad ibn Hanbal said "her memory is sharp'.
She died at the age of 77." (Source: "Women against Oppression, Liberation through Islam")