Are you guys all british


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ASsalamu alaykum, the site is a mixture of people and locations :)

I am British but I am now in the USA.


Laa ilaha ilaa Allah
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Yes, all of me is British :) if only because there isn't a better way to describe my background.

As Mabsoot says, the site is a mixture. I think we make a good representation of the whole Ummah, alhamdulillah.


Laa ilaha ilaa Allah
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Welcome, Canadian brothers!

If you have any news from your country to share, maybe the topics will seem less British :)

wa alaikum asalaam



We have a large readership of American Muslims. People come and go on the site. I love American Muslim women., as I am one.
I know we, Believers, are one group. However, the issues pertaining to our nations are specific to our conditions and often it makes little sense to have universal discussions. I am a firm believer that many local issues should be addressed and resloved on the community level i.e the masjid.

I know I am in the minority..for example in the US many masjids are operated by immigrants who have no clue about the conditions/history of the US as they remain, by choice, in isloated communities. They have no knowledge of the world around them..

Sorry for brining this up but couldn't help it.

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Asalamaulaykum wa rahmatullah,

Yes another Brit here, but of Bangladeshi heritage and currently working in the Gulf, Bahrain to be more precise.