Asalamu Alaykum


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Asalamu Alaykum brothers and sisters,

I am a female revert sister. I reverted in November last year however when my husband who is also a revert and I joined a Masjid not long ago we resaid our Shadah. I am half Kurdish half Irish so I have always known about Islam but as we were growing up I always felt presured to be one even though my mother brought us up as catholics.

When I knew it was time I reverted and have been so much happier. I feel like it is in my blood and Allah was just biding his time.

I hope to feel at home here and make lots of friends.


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Walikumsalam sister..
Welcome to deen al-islam. MAy allah bless you and help you.. ameen
This is a very good place to learn a lot of things and clear any doubts which you may have.Many brothers and sisters here are reverts.Hope you find this site helpful for you.
Ma salam
Abdul Haseeb


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Assalamu Alaykum,
Thank you so much for your kind replys.
May Allah reward you all for your kindness Ameen.


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Assalam Alaikom,
You have saved yourself from Hell inshallah.
Next step... plan to do hajj, the Kaba is a place where the heart loves alot to be close by.


fakhrul naim

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w'alaikumusalam sister.

May ALLAH bless us.. amin..

Tauhid Uluhiyah is a form of recognition that only Allah is worshiped, there is no ally for him, only God has the right things and all forms of worship such as prayer, khauf (fear), Rojak (hope), isti'anah (for help), prostrate and trust.

Alhmdulillah, welcome to the family sister. :)


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You are most welcome sister, May Allah lighten your heart with his light.We are very happy to have ypu with us.