Beaten black and blue - The story of Khadijah

Ibn Uthaymin

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Assalamu alaikum,

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

Whilst many are mashaAllah donating abroad during this blessed month, little do we realise that a sister right on our doorstep is suffering...

Abused. Beaten up by her husband. Isolated. Struggling and emotionally distressed - please read the story of Khadija...and please help...
(All details are true except Khadija's name which has been changed to protect her identity)

SOLACE has a very sad case of a revert sister that has been tested in so many ways and needs your help. Before you read about her plight, please note that SOLACE has been supporting this sister since May of this year and has verified her plight by seeing physical proofs of documentation . May Allah help her. Ameen.

Sister Khadija is an English revert in her early 20s who has been a Muslim for four years. She has four children under the age of 6 and is sadly a victim of Domestic Violence by her Muslim husband. In fact, a meeting was arranged between her and her SOLACE volunteer which she unusually did not make. Her SOLACE Keyworker kept trying to reach her by phone. Khadija's husband picked up the phone and said she was at the doctors. We then heard nothing for days. It was only a week later that she called and said she was there in the room when her husband spoke to her Keyworker. He had beaten her black and blue and lied so that no one would find out what he had done. In addition to this, he has accumulated so much debt in both of their names over the years. The police took matters into their own hands and arrested him due to the state that Khadija was physically in - bruises on her face. She went to court and would not be a witness against her husband as she felt that he was a changed man as he started to pray. When he returned home, he treated her in such a degrading way and said he had had enough, took his belongings and left her to manage all of their children and to pay off her debts.

Two SOLACE Keyworkers went to visit her recently and they were very saddened by what they saw – her children were wearing clothes that were far too big for them, there was hardly any food in the house – and yet despite all of what she is going through – they noticed a great concern and love that Khadija had for her children.

Khadija is struggling – she is struggling to hold on to her deen, she is struggling to be a mother to 4 very young children, one of whom was born 8 weeks prematurely. She is struggling as a victim of domestic violence. Despite all of these problems, we have seen Khadija to be pro-active. And this is evident in the fact that she has secured a job which starts on 20th August stacking shelves in a factory. She has taken this job as she wants to clear her debts. It is extremely stressful for her when the bailiffs have come to the house threatening to take away whatever they need to – the SOLACE Keyworkers have said there is nothing of value in the house to take...

We are helping Khadija by providing counselling for her and by helping her to establis a home routine, a routine for her children and money management. Wonderful SOLACE Volunteers have also cooked for her and dropped off shopping for her. But she is still in a desperate plight.

Our request is simple – we want to clear her debt. We want to give this new Muslimah a fresh start. We want to remove the anxiety and stress from her so that she can concentrate on learning about her deen and being a Mother to her four children. We want to show her where everyone else has failed her in life, the Muslim community was there to support her.

She has not once asked us for any help – rather it is us that has offered to help her. We urge all brothers and sisters to please donate even just £5 to clear her debt so that she can focus on what is more important. We do not feel that a young single mother who is broken physically and emotionally should have the added stress of working long hours when really should be focussing on building herself up so that she no longer remains a victim of domestic violence and looking after these 4 innocent children. She has very brief contact wit her non Muslim mother and brother due to the sexual abuse she suffered as a child by her mother's partner. She is alone and needs our help.

Please can we reiterate, we do not normally ask for financial help for one particular case but as we have seen documentation from Courts with regards to the domestic violence and a pile of debt recovery letters as well as the state of this sister physically, emotionally and mentally - we feel the need to do so.

We urge you to please donate by the following methods (ensure you put Khadija as your reference):

· By paypal to [email protected]

· By direct bank transfer:

Account Name - Solace
Bank - Lloyds TSB
Account Number - 14808660
Sort Code - 779130

Please NOTE if you do donate, it is essential that you send an email to [email protected] with your name, telephone number, date you donated, amount you donated and method (ie via paypal, direct bank transfer) so that if the debts are cleared, we can return your money to you.

Finally, the Prophet sallahu alyhi wasslam said: “Whoever alleviates [the situation of] one in dire straits who cannot repay his debt, Allah will alleviate his lot in both this world and in the Hereafter.” Muslim

We hope no one will simply do nothing with this email. It is our hope that everyone who reads it will at least donate £1 towards this sister and forward it on.

Please remember Khadija in your duaa. It is only when we try to place ourselves in the shoes of Khadija that we can truly even imagine what she is going through.


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Ya Allah .. this is her Test .. Allah S.W.T knows what greatness HE has stored for this Muslimah ... i wish i could donate but i am still a student :\