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    There's a lot of talk about cell phones radiation that cause adverse health effects. The concern is that cell phones are often placed close to or against the head during the call, which puts the radiation in direct contact with the brain.

    Today with cell-phone use skyrocketing, many scientists recommend precautionary measures - for example, avoiding excessive gabbing on the phones.

    Healthy Calls helps you to control holding time, avoid exposure of phone radiation and protect your health in the long run. Program lets you configure notification and auto-hang up parameters as you like. Exposure summary statistic is provided for total calls time, numbers of calls and in accordance to five harmfulness levels. English, German and Russian are supported.

    Download Healthy Calls today and take phone radiation under your control!

    Compatible Devices

    Nokia 3230
    Nokia 6260
    Nokia 6600
    Nokia 6620
    Nokia 6630
    Nokia 6670
    Nokia 6680
    Nokia 6681
    Nokia 6682
    Nokia 7610
    Nokia N70
    Nokia N72
    Nokia N90
    Panasonic X800
    Samsung SGH-D720
    Samsung SGH-D730

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