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Not easy to be a kid
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A nine-year-old boy is believed to have become the youngest person in Britain to swap gender and is now attending primary school as a girl.
The unidentified Year Five child left school as a boy and returned the next day as a girl, in female uniform with a ponytail tied in pink ribbon.
The case comes after reports a 12-year-old boy had started secondary school as a girl.

Both children are too young to have had a sex change operation or hormone therapy as this is only given to people aged 18 or over.

There was a mixed reaction from gender experts.

A spokesman for transgender group the Beaumont Society said: "This child is vulnerable to bullying and teasing. They and their family have been seriously misadvised. It is hard enough for an adult to change gender. To go to the extent that this nine-year-old has gone is unique."

But James Caspian, who counsels people on gender issues, said: "People should not be surprised that a child so young has these feelings.

"What is more of a surprise is that the child has been able to express them openly and that because of changes in society those around the child have been so supportive."

The mother of a boy at the same school as the nine-year-old told The Sun newspaper: "My son came home from school and asked why one of his friends had become a girl.

"I thought he was joking, but he kept asking... that's when alarm bells began ringing.

"The pupil's classmates were told he had left and that a new girl would be starting in his place this term."

Children were initially told the boy had left and a new girl had arrived, but at a special assembly the head teacher, class teacher and the pupil's special needs teacher appeared to realise the child would be recognised.

The mother said: "They were told the new girl would be using the girls' toilet and that no one should tease or bully her. If anyone saw the new girl being bullied they should stick up for her.

"My son is too young to really understand the significance of what's happening. It's hard to explain to him. I'm terrified he'll ask me if he can become a girl as well."

A school source said the boy had "always been rather feminine" and a decision had been taken to support the child and family "after his case was confirmed by five doctors".

Parents who criticised the school and child's parents on a social networking website were warned by police they could be prosecuted for harassment.

The family of the nine-year-old were also given police protection.

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Hmmm not really sure why this was posted, what does it have to do with Islam or clearing up misconceptions?


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why to be a girl..dont they know its not easier.. but whats happening to the world, if this small boy can do it, soon anyone can do it, it'll become a normal thing, but except for us Muslims inshaAllah these things wont happen, alhamdulillah.


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Bissmillah. Salam alaikum
That's nuts. Funny they have the school and police support like that. I think thats really wrong, Islamiclly and just personally it's wrong. Then again it's not like people don't do that. Where I live I can go outside late at night and see people like that... its nasty.
The only significant thing about this kid is that it's a kid !! be happy with what Allah ta'ala has given you !!!
wa alaaykum assalam


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Being a teacher for a whole lot of years, I can tell you that there are some children that are really messed up. I have taught several boys (in like grades 1-3, ages about 5-8) where they looked, acted, behaved, everything like girls - it was not something they controlled; even their bone structure in their faces and hands were much more feminine.

There are biological/hormonal imbalances that can cause characteristics of the opposite gender to become more pronounced than normal. Don't blame THAT on cultural influences. I also have taught one boy for the past 4 years (since he was 14), and even at 14, he literally looks like a female and has female mannerisms. Now, 4 years later, he has not developed an "Adam's Apple", has not had his voice change, his hips are wider than his shoulders, he has very small, lady-like hands, and he has less facial hair than most grown women! He is not CHOOSING to look/act feminine; it is in his biology; it is one of his tests from God.

NOW, THAT SAID, what a person DOES with the tests they are given in this life are completely up each individual.

I DO think that parents of a 9 year old are very wrong to allow this change with a child so young. At 9 years old, a child is not mature enough to life-changing decisions like this. Who knows, in this case, perhaps the kid was not very athletically inclined and so never liked to play with the boys, and thought being a girl would be easier? We don't know.

NOW, if they have done hormonal testing and have determined that their is an actual biological PROBLEM (as in, external organs may be male, but all hormones and internal organs are female) that MAY be something different in my mind (I have read of cases - very few - where a person was born with male genitalia, but had a uterus and ovaries internally - are they male or female?! I don't know!)

In the end though, this kid will probably have enough problems in his/her life without a bunch of us on the internet judging him/her - that is God's job.