Video Brother Abdullah Hinduism to Islam


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[imgleft][/imgleft] Abdullah is in Canada, his family is originally from India. He converted to Islam from Hinduism. Hear his story as to what his life was like before Islam. Growing up in a Canadian and Indian culture. Grew up in a Hindu temple. At one time he was an "ardent defender" of hindusim.... Learn How he found Islam and why he loves Islam so much now. Alhamdulilah.


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The Sunnah of Mohammed (PBUH) will guide us to The Noor (SWT)

Allah (SWT) is Noor (Light), & guides to HIS Noor (Light), Whom HE (SWT) likes, HE (SWT) had guided you, to his straight path, please hold to it firmly, to win this world & hereafter InshAllah.

Allah (SWT) did not create this world randomly, every thing in it has an orbit or a path, and this path should lead us to Allah (SWT) (The Noor). Thanks for Allah (SWT) for sending us The Map (The Noble Quraan), & Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) as an explainer & guider in this world, to show us the right path (his Sunnah) that leads to wide & deep ocean of Noor (ALLAH) SWT, which is full of precious & valuable things of this world & hereafter.


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Alhamdoulil Lahi Ta'alah!
very eloquent testimony! very rational in its discourse, this is one that I feel non muslims should watch.. Allahu a'lam.
Jazakal Lahu khayran for this video.


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Assalamu Alaikum



:ma: the brother has come to deen and embraced Islam.

:jazaak: for sharing the video with us brother.