Can the "dèjà-vu"be a sign from the Almighty?


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Salam 'alikum to everybody..I was(and I still am)busy all the time and I'm stealing a little bit of that to know what's up here.Even if I'm a young lady,mother and so on,I had a series of experiences which changed my life.In the latest 10 days it happened what maybe gave me the final reason to my existence here.The matter I wish to discuss is the so-called "dèjà-vu"...It's something which happens in a periode of life and it results as something that we've already seen and's an identical repetition of some actions...I wonder if it's happened to you too.In my life I had many of these dèjà-vus,but there are the 2 last ones which made me understand that life has a sense,even if it seems senseless....Being a pride woman by nature,my "bad" character often forbade me to show the best of me,myshyness,agressivity and fear many times were that cause of my "bad to live"...
As I'd mentioned above,there are 2 repeated moments which made me realize that I could change the future.
The first one while I was going to put the coat into the wardrobe(my son had a little accident and his forehead got wounded badly).my neighbours were worried about him(we had discussion since the 2010 and we never talk to each other since that moment),because he was brought in ambulance to the hospital....the action I made to put the coat and the feeling of hate I had for them made me remeber a past action I made(identic one!)

.The second moment was while I was cleaning the sink of the toilet(it remembered me a passed moment in which I had a discussion with my husband)..

Well,during those moments I made a reflection and arrived to the conclusion that "Allah has given me a double chance to be a better person" the first dèjà-vu,I've been started to "open" my heart to my neighbours by greeting them,while in the second one,I've promised to myself to change the bad actions into good ones.
What do you think about this opinion on dèjà-vu?By myself they are not only something which the brain stores and it brings out when something similar happens:they could be a sort of "warning" for the good believer to find the right way by changing the events.

Take care and make me know if it happened to you too


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Sorry, I don't think I fully understand what you're trying to say, but that's my fault. But if it's leading you in a positive direction that's great.
I don't believe in coincidences. It's ALLAH's plan.


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Walakiumas Salam waramtallahi, sister! :)

Hmm..deja vu, I think I can say I've experienced that and it has also made me change. One of these "deja-vu" moments (or at least, I think would be known as deja-vu) happened back 4 years ago when I was in my sophomore year of school. In my sophomore year, I was hanging around this girl who happened to be a true reflection of my freshman year self ( I didn't realize that until I started hanging around her more). It was the most weirdest thing ever! I say it was like deja-vu because I felt like I knew this girl or that I met her before & that girl happened to be ME. Of course, she didn't look like me, but the way she talked and acted was the same as me. That was when I freaked out and just couldn't believe that I was just like her because I didn't want to know that I was like her. I didn't want to accept that though reality was indeed just that. I feel like Allah (awj) allowed me to meet her, in order for me to see the kind of person I was, so that I could reflect and change the condition of myself.

Lol, I hope what I said makes sense! o_O It sounds kind of weird now that I read through it, but it's the best way I can describe it. Perhaps, insha'Allah, you'll get a sense of what I'm saying.

So when I saw who I really was and how I acted through her (because it was as if I was looking through a mirror though not focusing on the outside but on the inside), I realized the bad characteristics I had and I felt like I needed to change that. Since that incident, I would like to think that I'm a better person, alhamduiliah.

So yes, I would also like to think these deja-vu incidents are indeed a sign from Allah (awj) as a way to ponder and reflect. As I can see the same has happened to you where these certain incidents made you come back to see the light...the truth of Islam. And I believe that everything happens for a reason. Nothing happens by coincidence as brother Mike mentioned, it's all by the will of Allah.