COOL! Canadian Muslim sells car, flies to the rescue of injured fiancee in Philippines


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Assalamu alaykum, this is a story about a Muslim man from Canada who married a Filipino woman who is reverted to Islam.


MONTREAL — While hundreds of thousands flee areas ravaged by a typhoon in the Philippines, one Montrealer has sold his car for travel money and has headed into the disaster zone to find his fiancee.

Houssam Mammoud's future bride, Grace Acojido, was gravely injured when Typhoon Haiyan tore across the central Philippines on Nov. 8, killing more than 4,000 people.

Last week the shell-shocked Montrealer packed his bags and flew to the South Asian country with plans to pick up Grace, 23, from a ramshackle clinic where she's been staying for nearly two weeks.

QMI Agency met up with Mammoudi, 31, just before he left Canada.

He plans to use the $3,000 he got for his car to buy a house that's still standing on the island of Cebu, a few hours from Grace's village.

The money will also be used to care for his future wife, who lies in critical condition in the town of Ormoc.

"Her face is disfigured and she had about 30 pieces of metal that pierced her legs," said Mammoudi. "I managed to contact her on her cellphone and all she said was that she was thirsty and there's no water."

Grace's mother is bedridden at the same clinic and recently emerged from a three-day coma.

Aside from caring for his fiancee and future mother-in-law, Mammoudi will also watch over Grace's six-year-old son, John, as well as the woman's sister Crystelle, 12, and brother Nile, 13.

"Luckily, they're all doing well," he said. "But Grace's father died long ago. So there's nobody to take care of them."

Mammoudi will become the head of the family until his fiancee and her mother are back on their feet.

It's not clear how long he'll be gone, but his boss is letting him work remotely.

"All that matters is that they're OK," he says.

"I try not to think about the obstacles that lie ahead. I'd rather see horrific things and do something, than to stay here. That would kill me."

He left Montreal buoyed by his hope, and dreams of marrying Grace in her ancestral village next May, two years after he proposed to her.

Source: TorontoSun newspaper