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Assalamu aleikum,

I'm so happy. One very good friend of mine and one other woman I know from childhood noticed me getting more serious about practicing islam. They are not muslim, but have asked if they can come to the mosque with me when there are lectures etc. from which they can learn more about islam. Also they are asking me questions about the religion and its practices. They are now thinking of becoming muslim. Two other women, one dear friend and one I know quite well, approached me for more information about islam. At the moment they are not sure of ever becoming muslims, but are real positive about islam as a religion. They say they see me and others like me and realised that islam isn't just what you see on television. All in all that's two women really serious about becoming muslim, and two realising the good in islam, without any conscious dawa. This proves that by trying to be a good muslim in word and deed, and treating everyone with respect and an open mind, you can inspire others, even without realising it.

Just wanted to inspire others :)
wa salaam


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wa alaykum salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

Thanks for sharing,

Its good not to shy away from speaking about our Deen. In the Western society we are taught existentialism. That there is no absolute truth and that religion does not give the meaning of life! Every individual makes their own meaning based solely on satisfying their desires. They say that whatever you want to do, then go do it! If people questioned their existence, and were receptive to discussion over "life", they would soon find the existance of a Creator. Then if they keep searching and seeking out the truth, they should find Islam! in sha Allah

I am glad your friends have stuck with you and even been moved to learn more! May Allah open their eyes to see the beauty of Islam as a way of life! Amin