Dear brothers & Sisters

proud of islam

Dear brothers & Sisters

Saudi council of Muftis have given an unanimous Fatwa that ring tones
on QURAN AAYAT S are haraam because the AAYAT are not complete when we
pick the phone & meanings of AAYAT S changes when they are not
complete. QURAN E PAK is for Hidayat not for ring tones, PLZ inform
more people JAZAK ALLAH!

Allah is one and only.:tti_sister:
Jazaa kum Allah


Young Muslim
You could always pick up the phone when the ayat finishes. Otherwise, I don't like them either because many start the ayat without saying the Bismil Elah ar Rahman ar Raheem.


Servant of Allah
more than just that. you accidentally enter the bathroom with your cell!!! ring ring ring it goes and boom quran is being read in the bathroom which makes it more haram.