Do you have time ? Wanna do something for deen of Islam ?


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Assalam alaikum

Here is the project;

1- You will download a programme named ''subtitle worshop'' and watch a short tutorial video about how to use it

2- Then we will choose some videos (Islamic vidoes of course, such as deen show) and you will apply what you learned on these videos ''making subtitles''.

All you need is free time, willing to do this voluntarly and a good english ability of listening/writing as you wil write down whatever you hear in video in english

Then inshallah we can start as soon as possible


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salaam alaikum!

inshaAllah i can try


walakum salam

okay first, can you download this and watch the tutorial video;

(you can write ''subtitle worshop'' and download from another website as well)

there seems to be many videos on youtube about tutorial, so can you better check them yourself or if you dont understand, you can ask here as well. In next steps please let me know


Smile! It's Sunnah!

i downloaded it but its not working.. or may be i don't know how to use it. need your help with it...