Du'aa For Forgivness - English


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Asalamualykum Warahmatulahi
May peace be with you and the mercy of Allah

My Respected brothers and Dear sisters;
I would like to write a Du'aa down in English & Arabic for forgivness from Almighty Allah.

In The Name Of Allah Most Merciful Most Kind -Bismillah Hirahma Niraheem

Oh Allah, I am regretful for the sins I have commited
Oh Allah, Even thinking about them makes me unwell
Oh Allah, I will only be at peace with myself until you forgive me.
Forgive me, for all the sins I have commited.
Forgive me, and my parents for the things we have done that were disliked by you.
Oh Allah, You are the most merciful, and the most kind, Only you can forgive me.

يا الله، أنا نادم لأنني قد ارتكبوا خطايا
يا الله ، حتى التفكير بها يجعلني على ما يرام
يا الله ، سوف أكون الوحيدة في سلام مع نفسي حتى تغفر لي.
اغفر لي، لخطايا كل ما ارتكبوا.
اغفر لي ، والدي عن الأشياء التي قمنا به كان مكروها من قبلك.
يا الله ، انت الرحيم، والأكثر نوع ، فقط يمكنك أن يغفر لي.

Ji'sakallah for reading.