Article Evolution theory and Islam (a comparative study)

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    Peace and God's blessings be upon you...

    Sorrowfully, non Muslims who believe in the theory of evolution (which states that humans were evolved from apes) claim that Islam is a primitive and ignorant religion whose story of creation contradicts with modern science. In this thread, we'll discuss the theory of evolution in the light of Islam.

    What is the theory of evolution?
    Evolution is defined as the change in the characteristics of the biological populations over successive generations. English scientist Charles Darwin was the first to formulate a scientific argument for this theory. According to the theory of evolution, all living organisms descended from a ''last universal common ancestor'' whose characteristics are unknown till now. The more common characteristics living organisms have, the closer in relationship they are. In other words, humans and apes are descended from the same ancestry and the same to tigers and lions, wolves and dogs…etc. There are many evidences that prove the validity of evolution theory. However, there are some alleged contradictions between it and the Abrahamic religions – contradictions that made countries like Saudi Arabia and Sudan, and 14 states in the USA ban studying this theory at their schools.

    Does the theory of evolution really contradicts with Islam, or the Islamic scholars 'misunderstood' the Holy Quran and the story of creation in Islam??

    The creation story in the Holy Quran
    First of all, we should know that when God said in the Quran that He had created the universe within six days, He didn't mean that those 'six days' are like the solar days on our planet. To God, a day is equivalent to some million - and even billion- solar years. Secondly, God didn't say that He created the living organisms on earth individually. So why some Islamic scholars claim that the Islamic version of creationism ''hinges on the special creation theory", which makes the scientifically-valid theory of evolution wrong in Islamic perspective as some may claim???.

    Special creation theory is a scientific theory which states that all the living organisms on earth were created individually, not by ways of evolution (e.g cats were created alone, not descended from the common ancestry). That theory was proven wrong long time ago. Does that mean that the Islamic creationism ''is out-of-date"??

    Of course not, there is not even a single verse in the Holy Quran or a single Hadith which states that God created living organisms individually. To put it another way, evolution was the mechanism through which God created all the living organisms, except for human.

    How were the humans created, from Adam or apes?
    The postulates of the theory of evolution lead us to the hypothesis that humans were descended from apes, while Islam tells us – along with Judaism and Christianity - that all the humans were descended from Adam whom had been created by God from clay.

    Let's say that Islam is wrong scientifically, the evolutionary theory is 100% right and the humans are created from apes. Can anybody tell me why humans in particular are sensible and have the ability to create, innovate and think? Did the nature and evolution choose the humans as ''the bearers of thinking minds'' among all the living organisms?

    Philosophically and logically, the ''unthinking nature'' that lacks the ability to think cannot bestow upon humans particularly thinking minds :). So why are humans specifically appealing in shape, thinking and have feelings. They can love and hate, they think and create. Further, they have dominion over all the creatures of the earth. Can nature choose humans to be ''the masters of the earth", and leave their relatives the other living organisms without sensible brains??

    The aforementioned paradox contradicts with both the principles of science and philosophy. ''you cannot give what you don't have", so how had the unthinking nature given humans thinking minds? Or there is a master who controls the evolution and ''stopped'' it miraculously and temporarily in order to create thinking humans who are dignified and far better and greater than the other organisms of the earth?

    The evolution theory is completely right and valid in Islam, but the only contradiction between them is that humans were created by nature from unthinking apes. In other words, ''Adam'' was an exception to the rule. God created Adam and bestowed upon him and his generations thinking minds that the evolution lacked; so that the humans can take over the world.

    God disabled the laws of physics temporarily when he parted the red sea for Prophet Moses and the Israelites. And the same to Adam, God disabled the laws of biology and evolution temporarily when he created Adam (peace be upon him)

    Finally, I'd like to say that there are not any contradictions between Islam and science. Undoubtedly, humans should be created by a Supreme Being who had given them thinking minds and dominion over the whole world, they cannot be created through evolution that lacks thinking :)

    The End​
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    Yea very nice :)

    I think the theory of evolution being taught in schools is wrong and dangerous.

    Evolutionists will ignore all the evidence that points towards a creator, because they have based their life around there not being a god or judgement and they will never change their minds. No matter how great the evidence is.
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    wa'aleykumas-salaam warahmatul-lahi wabarakatuh.

    The post claims that there are no verses nor Hadiths that indicate creation of living things individually.
    how do you explain these verses?

    "And Allah has created every animal of water. So of them is that which crawls upon its belly, and of them is that which walks upon two feet, and of them is that which walks upon four. Allah creates what He pleases. Surely Allah is Possessor of power over all things."(Q24:45)

    "And the cattle, He has created them for you. You have in them warm clothing and (other) advantages, and of them you eat."(Q16:5)

    "And (He made) horses and mules and asses that you might ride upon them and as an ornament. And He creates what you know not."(Q16:8)

    "That is Allah, your Lord. There is no god but He; the Creator of all things; therefore serve Him, and He has charge of all things."(Q6:102)

    Allah knows whether He created them individually or otherwise but the word used there is always "khalaqa"

    The post is a geometrical break-through(after all there is a point of coincidence of parallel lines) certifying the evolution theory on the way!!
    But then how do you explain the creation of Jinn(don't say there are not living organisms! why? becouse scientifically they have all characteristics of a living organism)
    Parallel lines never meet,it's either creationism or evolution theory...It is certain that no evolution theorist will agree with the post. Why then compromise with what we believe and know until we prove it's validity and not otherwise?

    May Allah reward you brother,you have intellectually explained the insanity of "natural selection".

    evolution theory is perfectly considered when you see black people living in Africa(using adaptation to explain evolution theory is a great idea,right)...Black absorbs heat fast but it also looses heat fast "this explains why black people are adapted living in arid and semi-arid places of Africa".

    But wait a minute! how do you see the Arab thriving in harsh climates of middle East?_it means they absorb heat slowly but once absorbed they don't cool fast.So if adaptation was the answer how could Home Habilis,Eructus or whatever end up being brownish in the middle East?_may be they migrated there!..

    Allah has the answer why different coloured people live in different continents..."And of His signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth and the diversity of your tongues and colours. Surely there are signs in this for the learned.(Q30:22)...Don't you see as if we are being suggested to ponder over this and disprove adaptation?

    Still in adaptation,why do the old often suffer memory loss? Why don't they adapt as they grow older? why do they defy evolution laws of adaptation?

    Allah says,
    (Q95:4) Certainly We created man in the best make.

    (Q95:5) Then We render him the lowest of the low,

    Besides,whether we evolved or created it is of little concern to us muslims(it's neither Aqeedah nor usulud-din).

    for disbelievers they are all dumb as they failed to recognize their Creator.

    And the discoveries of skulls they made..."And indeed you know those among you who violated the Sabbath, so We said to them: Be (as) apes, despised and hated."(Q2:65)...maybe!!

    Allah knows best.

    may Allah guide us to His straightened path...aamiin
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    Jazakallah Khayrun White Knight for an excellent article.

    If I may, can I add that Charles Darwin was not a scientist. He was neither a naturalist, biologist or had any scientific training as such.

    He merely attended university for three years and immediately afterwards went on a five year voyage aboard a vessel called the 'Beagle'. He went not as an scientist, but as someone who wanted adventure. He was then twenty-two years old, clean shaven and with a full set of hair (unlike his more recognisable portraits on British currency today).

    After his degree, (which he came dangerously close to failing badly because of laziness), he received no title, no qualified position, no academic privilege and no scholarly prestige. He was one of thousands of students who had just graduated because of their parents tremendous wealth. His father, Dr Darwin, was then one of the richest men in the country and among the most well known and respected figures among the higher classes.

    It was on his first and only expedition Charles Darwin recorded his remarks about evolution as an untested 'theory'. His remarks were kept to himself until 1859; approximately 23 years later when he published them only after a more prominent evolutionist, Lamarck, who was more very well known, persuaded him to do so.

    After 1836 when Darwin returned to the UK, he never left the country and never made any further serious in depth studies again. He was never decorated with any titles, doctorates, official honorific academic honours and was never a student again.

    Until his death in 1882, Darwin maintained his words were just 'theories'. He had not the full ability to test them and could not attest that they were applicable in all instances.

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