Exposing The Sins of Your Fellow Muslim


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salam'alaykum warahmat Allah wabarakatuh

A very beautiful post and reminder, ya akhee
Jazakallahu khairan katheeran

In one hadith Qudsi, I read that, to whom who commit sin in day time, and seek His forgiveness in nighttime, will Allah forgive them, and those who commit sin in night time and seek HIS forgiveness and day time ,will Allah forgive him
(i hope akhi and ukhti can correct if am wrong)

so here, its clear that Allah will forgive a person sin aslong she/he away from big sin

exposing our muslim fellow sin to other?
Nauzubillah min dzalik
We as muslim, is like a body. if one get hurt, another will bleed
We shud be their streght. We need to advice them but not to expose them. But in few case, we can if its needed, but we need to keep the person's name secret. so that, we r not revealing their "aib"

wallahu`alam bis sawwab
Allah is the best knoweth


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All praise for Allah Alone........

May Allah grant Jannah to Al Shabab.......indeed what a beautiful things he have share.

And may Allah bless q8penpals and abubaseer for their blessed question and aunswer.

Indeed it's a great crime to defame someone self respect and charecter. And indeed it's a great crime to keep quite if you see any unjust thing happening.

We need to very closely understand as these 2 are totally different situation. Caliph Umar (R) used to have spy in every Muslim Army which used to keep Umar (R) well informed about the conduct of Muslim commander. This was done in order to keep a close watch on day to day activity of Muslim forces and make sure nothing happens which is against the law of Islam.

But there are people in our community who loves to gossip about each other either to project themselves better or just to disgrace someone charecter and that's what brother Al Shabab has tried to explain.

May Allah bless our thinking and filled our heart with love for fellow muslim. AAMEEN


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surely, most of the time, our intention is not to backbite others. we just want to talk about ourselves.. we are just trying to figure out what is going on in our lives while justifying to others the actions that we take or the emotions we feel. but we fail to realize that, in trying to relieve ourselves of the pressure we deal with on a day to day basis, we undoubtedly are going to have to touch on the actions and statements of others, especially if we feel that the limbo we are in is a direct result of somebody else's actions or faults.

as muslims, we are supposed to hide the faults of our fellow brothers and sisters [as long as they don't involve something that requires exposure]. in regards to someone's shortcomings and sins, whether major or minor, we are warned against broadcasting them. there is a hadeeth you all know in which the Prophet, salallaahu alayhi wa sallam, stated that the believer who hides the sins of a Muslim in the dunya will have his sins covered by Allah ta'aala on the Day of Judgment. SubhanAllah! how many of us miss out on the opportunity to have our sins covered up by Allah on the Day when these sins could be the weight that places us in the Fire?! instead of approaching the person we are angry with, or discussing the situation with them one-on-one, not "on the mimbar" so to speak, we instead let the world know: things are going wrong in my life and it's because of this action and that action and this action of so-and-so.

so my advice to you is: be very cautious when you speak to others about the events in your life that relate to those besides you. think before you open your mouths.

it is a shortcoming i have noticed in women AND men [and men have become just as bad these days when it comes to the idle use of their tongues]. many muslims seem to think venting about your problems with others is protected because you are telling 'the truth', or that, because one surely cannot live without expressing himself, it can't be backbiting! i've had big arguments with people about this subhanAllah, and i guess, as we remember the many ahadith that state that good character is the heaviest thing on the Balance, i felt it necessary to say that, while there is nothing wrong with sharing our experiences and private moments with those close to us, if venting means exposing the faults or sins of your fellow brother or sister in islam, then it is best to fear Allah and complain instead to the One with the power to grant you tranquility and rectify your affairs.........:SMILY231:

Salaam Aylaikum warahmatollah,

Only Allah Azza wa Jal knows best,
I only want to state my opinion about this, so may Allah forgive me when i'm saying something wrong..

I understand what you're saying, about exposing bad deeds or sins to others without getting anything out of it except for your own personal credits: your opinion may be the good one.

But what if say in a marriage, if one of the parties decides to tell their problems to another person in order for that person to help start a conevrsation about their marital discussions, maybe even preventing a divorce, is that wrong too, after praying for Allah to grant clarification about the situation?



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dua for turning things for the better.

I need help. I inadvertently exposed my beloved little cousin's sins of the past to his wife. His wife was very angry at something I had done and while accusing me I exposed his bad deeds. I know my cousin isn't like this anymore and I was very shocked to have broken his trust because he confided in me out of trust for me. He is very shocked at what I did and those deeds I blurted out were bad things. I know he is hurt. Is there any dua for me to ask Allah for forgiveness and to ask Allah to turn the situation such that he will not face the wrath of his wife and make his wife understand that he is a good Muslim. Please help me. I am sleepless over this for the past two days. Would reciting Allah's names for that person make him more esteemed in his wife's eyes ? Would Allah forgive me for doing this ? Am I now considered a bad muslim or a non believer ?


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may Allah protect muslim from any sins :tti_sister:, and God bless you for this post. Jazakallahu Khairan


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Speaking of sins of your fellow muslim There was this Muslim Politician who wanted to stay in Power wanted to slaughter his Political opponent who was a muslim but instead killed his wife and a bunch of journalist who was on it's way to file a candidacy for his husband. I dont know if you've heard about the amputuan massacre in the Philippines it was terrible this guy owns a hummer while his constituents are starving comprising of muslims.


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Exposing the sins of other fellow, can be considered as backbiting, and another thing that, Allah says, if you hide One thing of your fellow, i will hide 100 of you...


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Brother you have made a wonderful thread inshaallah we shall try to avoid back biting and benefit in this world and hereafter.



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jazakhAllah kheir for posting this article

I recently experienced a situation where I was about to expose the sins of someone. I initially thought I was making the right decision since I would be showing the true nature of this person to his spouse and probably avoid myself any possible contact with this person. However I prayed istikhara and it help me realize that exposing this person's sins may lead to more conflict and even break a family.

I decided I would pray for this person so Allah could change his ways and if once again I observe he is transgressing I would find a way to contact someone who could guide him.

We are told to change things first by our words, if they don't change then do it physically and if they still don't change then with our hearts. As of now I pray for guidance for this person and for me to do the right thing inshAllah.