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Assalaamu 'alaikum warahmatuAllaah,

The following little thing (I don't dare call it a poem), is written about zee homeland, Egypt.
Fa So Lia
Oh, how I love the sounds of my land
How they move me
Oh, but how could I resist?
Now I must merge the cultures
I have to honk,
Mornin’, can I befriend you mailman?
Chaotic silence
Sure is how it is viewed
Wake up little town and take notice of me!:
Stoves, gold, scarves and watermelon
I got it all!
Dear, I can’t help but bellydance to the rhythm
Oh, I hear the echoes of mourning
Oh, but why do you mourn?
It’s a beautiful day,
Rise and shine beoble!
Oh, how it’s all music to thy ears
Average citizen,
Oh, how I love you
And love the sounds you make
August 17, 2003

With anxiety, pain, unease
It beats
With fear, concerns, worries,
It lives
With drive, determination, willpower,
It goes on
With doubts, suspicion, questions
It wonders
With words, expression, laughter
It sings
With indifference, hatred, hunger
It dies
With love, respect, belief
It soars
In U N I
It spells out my everything
September 1, 2003


Go and listen to you heart,
Beating in rhythmic bliss.
Does it not beat in submission to the will of the Creator?
Take notice of your eyelids,
Do they not flicker in submission to the same will?
(on and on and on)
Why is it then, that it is so difficult?
For the human being,
To live life in submission to the Creator?
Hasn’t He bestowed upon you the blessing of willpower?
So you could appreciate, sense and love,
Your submission to Him
Oh, but you can.
You can.
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Looking forward to benefit from this forum inshaa'a Allaah. Wassalaamu 'alaikum warhamatuAllaah.