Facebook group for Sheffield Reverts


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Assalaam alaykum

I hope you are all well. Unfortunately one of the sad realities is after somebody reverts and re-enters into the fold of Islam, the euphoria ebbs away and the realities of what lies ahead is what the reverts have to deal with. Unfortunately in such difficult times, it is easy to lose a sense of anchor and a sense of support. Because of this I've created a facebook group for the aim of muslim reverts and muslims in the locality of the Sheffield and surrounding regions to be able to give advice and help to reverts.

The facebook group is called Sheffield Muslim Revert Support https://www.facebook.com/Sheffield-...OWmuA8fZ_-RA6S2-mmNGUtXIBciuw4fX_nXmc&fref=nf

All posts will be moderated in sha Allah.

I hope this helps

Salaam alaykum