Serious False Accusations

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    Hello everyone, I am writing this message because I sent a message to one of the users on here warning about TV preachers who claim to know Islam or Christianity in both of these faiths, especially in America as they are very popular, lets be honest here, there a lot of people out there who do preach heresy that does not match the Qur'an or Bible, we all know that but people do not want to say anything. I got back a message with things I never even written and also I never even mentioned debating anyone. By the way, I am a Christian and not a Muslim and I have many muslim friends and it is sad when someone treats others this way.

    This is what I said first :

    Hope you are well and enjoy the conversations that are on here. I have read the entire Qur'an before and I study it regularly with the commentaries and scholarly material along with the bible and historical evidence. I don't rely on people such as Zakir Naik, Ahmad Deedat, Harun Yahya, Bilal Philips and many TV preachers because they are only there to be famous and think they represent what Islam is. They also have fooled many muslims and are full of deception. The same is on the Christian TV Channels who promote heresy and many pastors have spoken out against the dangers of mainstream preachers who collections in money and they write material for their own pleasure. When I speak to certain muslims and christians their views do not match the Bible or the Quran and they contradict what they say. I wouldn't mind your feedback on this Smile

    I got a reply back before I was blocked :

    Let me put in the simplest words so it easy for you to understand.
    You said you read holy qur,an but you dont know that christian are call nasrani? Lol man!
    Cat Steven now Brother Yusuf Islam read holy quran only once and he embrace islam! he get invitation to Jannah, Special isn't he?
    Let me put it this way, well, Even if you are struggling to find hidayah but if you are not the chosen one to received it from Allah swt you are still a kafir or non- believer , thats what Allah swt said in the qur'an.
    So one day, Prophet Muhammad s.a.w when he tried to reach the kafir with Islam and they throw stones at him ; And Allah swt send Surah Al kafiruun because of that incident.
    Translate :
    For you your religion,
    And Islam is minè .
    There is no god but Allah swt and prophet Muhammad is the messenger !
    So why we should border you with debate ,when Allah swt said hidayah is given to you from Allah , and to leave you as you are , thats what Allah said too.
    Why do debate and wasting our time on the non-believer when theres lots of thing to do in this world rather then try to convert you right?
    It kind of myob u know what u choose who cares. I rest my case cause i dont care too.
    Peace :

    Someone explain to me where did I say anything about debating, Cat Stevens etc..? people shouldn't add words that was not said.

    I read the Bible, Interpretation, Context, Manuscripts, Textual Criticism, Sharia, References, Footnotes, Catholicism, Trinity, Islam, Qur'an, Hadith, Tafsir, Fiqh, Biblical Creation, books from scholars, how the Bible and Qur'an was put together etc..

    The problem in Islamic and Christian communities is there are many who go against scripture towards unbelievers and I know who are false teachers and who isn't, thats why I warn people about them so they don't get sucked in to deception.

    I would like some feedback and would be nice so we can sort this out.
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