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1. What nullifies Hajj and cannot be compensated like all other is…

Sexual Intercourse (Correct)

Wearing Sewn Clothes

Using Perfume

2. The Caliph who was the first person to light candles in the Holy mosque and to establish several doors to it was..

Umar (Correct)

Abu Bakr


3. The one who tried to destroy the Ka’abah was…


Abraha (Correct)

4. The distance between Makkah and Madinah is…

420 Kilometer (Correct)

320 Kilometer

5. Hajj by proxy permits a man to depute another man to perform it and it is..

Conditional (Correct)

not conditional

6. Abraha was trying to turn Hajj into


a church established it in yemen (Correct)

7. …Pushed the Abyssinians out of the Arabian Peninsula

Persians (Correct)


The Romans

8. The one who married Um Kalthum the prophets daughter was…

Usman (Correct)

Abu Bakr


9. The Qiblah turned from Al Ka’abah direction of Jerusalem to that of Al Ka’abah in the..

Seventh year of Hijrah

Tenth year of Hijrah

Second year of Hijrah (Correct)

10. The prophets message (mission)came to conclusion in..

A.D. 611 (Correct)

A.D. 613

A.D. 617

12. The one who performed Hajj secretly was…

Khalid Ibn Walid (Correct)

Umar Ibn Abdul Aziz

Umar Ibn Khatab

13. The distance between Dhul Hulyfah and Al Madinah is

approximately 450 kilometer

approximately 15 kilometer (Correct)

approximately 100 kilometer

14. The one who killed Umayah bin Khalaf at the Battle of Badr was…

Bilal (Correct)



15. The second of Holy cities is


Al-Madinah (Correct)


16. What is the best type of Hajj

Tamattu (Correct)



17. The prophets mother died when he was only

two years old

ten years old

six years old (Correct)

18. The one nick named father of the poors is…

Khubaib Al Ansary

Saeed Al Kurashi

Gafar Ibn Abi Talib (Correct)

19. Abraha tried to destroy Al Kaabah in

The year of Elephants (Correct)

The year of Famine (Starvation)

20. The distance between Jiddah and Madinah is …

500 Kilometer

396 Kilometer (Correct)

21. Farewell Hijjah was in..

The eighth year of Hijrah

The tenth year of Hijrah (Correct)

The fourth year of Hijrah

22. Hajj was ordained in the..

Sixth Year of Hijrah

Tenth year of Hijrah (Correct)

Eighth year of Hijrah

23. Abraha was the ruler of


The Yemen (Correct)

24. The Jeddah Makkah Highway crossing over the seaport bridge is..

100 kilometer

70 kilometer

60 kilometer (Correct)

25. Fasting was ordained in the..

Seventh year of Hijrah

Second year of Hijrah (Correct)

Tenth year of Hijrah

26. Which rite of Hajj comes after them

Tawaaf (Correct)

pacing between safa and marwa

shaving or clipping hair.

27. In Tawaaf and pacing between Safa and Marwa

Is not advisable to perform them by proxy

proxy is permissible

there is no proxy (Correct)

28. The leaders of Quraish gathered at .. to prevent the prophets migration

Abu Sufyans house

Al Kaabah

Dar Al Nadwah (Correct)

29. The pilgrim in Efrad..

Should offer Hady

Is not obliged to offer Hady (Correct)

Should fast

30. The battle of badr took place on…

The 17th of Ramadan (Correct)

The 10th of Ramadan

The 25th of Ramadan

31. Demarcation of Najd in Saudi Arabia is Qarn Al Manazil

a mountain lies at south of Makkah

a mountain lies at west of Makkah

a mountain lies at east of Makkah (Correct)

32. The companion was nick named Allah’s Sword is..

Usamah Ibn Zaid

Umru Ibn Al Aas

Khalid Ibn Al Walid (Correct)

33. Tawaaf around Kaabah is

either way

clock wise

anticlockwise (Correct)

34. Al Ghimamah mosque is in…



Al Madinah (Correct)

35. Assembly of Arafah is on the…

Eight of Dhul Hijjah

Tenth of Dhul Hijjah (Correct)

Ninth of Dhul Hijjah

36. Umrah is a visit to the Holy Mosque

in Ramadan

any time of the year (Correct)

in Zul hejja

37. Repeating Umrah in the same year is…


not permissible

permissible (Correct)

38. Pilgrims spend the night of immolation of at … after the assembly at Arafat



Al Muzdalifah (Correct)

39. Spatial Demarcation for people of Iraq and for those who are beyond it is…

Dhat Al Irq (Correct)


Al Guhfah

40. The name of the tribe who were in charge of Al kaabah affairs before Quraish is..



Khuzaah (Correct)

41. The poet called the owner of the burdah is

Hassan Ibn Tabit

Kaab Ibn Zuhair (Correct)

Abdullah Ibn Rawaha

42. The Jew who tried to sow the seed of discord between the Aus and Khazraj tribes once again was

Kaab Ibn Al Shraf

Shas Ibn Qees (Correct)

Huyy Ibn Akhtab

43. Pacing between Safa and Marwa (for Hajj is…)

A basic principle (Correct)



44. The one who wears sewn clothes or uses a headgear

Must fast ten days

nullifies his Hajj and Umrah

Should expiate a sheep (Correct)

45. The person whom prophet sent him with some people from Aqabah to instruct them was…

Saad Ibn Malik

Hamza Ibn Abdul Mutalib

Musaab Ibn Umair (Correct)

46. Complete the following Hadith: The prophet (PBUH) said: The best of believers is he who is perfect…

In morals (Correct)

Treatment of his family

Dealing with his religion

47. Which Sura starts with one of the attribute of Allah almighty

Surat Al Rahman (Correct)

Surat AN Noor

Surat AN Nasr

48. Ghzwatul Khandaq (Trench Compaign)took place in the

5th year of Hijra (Correct)

8th year of Hijra

6th year of Hijra

49. Hajj takes place in..


Dhul Hijjah (Correct)

Al Muharram

50. (Da’awah) the call to Islam was kept secret for…

Three years (Correct)

Two years

One year

51. Before Receiving the message the prophet worked in…


Commerce (Correct)


52. ….Was the one who tried to kill the prophet on his way of Hijrah

Suraqah Ibn Malik (Correct)

Abu Jahl

Abu Lahab

53. Among conditions of Hajj is…

Encampment night of Arafah Day at Mina

Throwing of pebbles clipping or shaving the hair (Correct)

Pacing between Safa and Marwa

54. The first of emigrants to Abyssinia was….


Amar Ibn Yasir

Usman Ibn Affan (Correct)

55. The one who slept in the prophets bed in the night of Hijrah when Quraish conspired to murder him was…

Ali (Correct)



56. You can visit the prophets mosque

before and after Hajj (Correct)

before starting manasik of Hajj only

after finishing manasik of Hajj only

57. The one who practiced medicine among the mother of the faithful was…

Umu Salamah

Aisha (Correct)


58. Edtiba is…

To expose the left shoulder

To expose the right shoulder (Correct)

To expose the both shoulder

59. whoever used perfume at days of Hajj..

His Hajj is nullified

He should fast

He should expiate a sheep (Correct)

60. If a pilgrim proceeds to Arafaat without passing through Mina

There is no harm for him (Correct)

He should offer expiation

61. The cave of Hira is situated in

Mountain of Arafat

Mountain of Noor (Correct)

Mountain of Mercy

62. The one who led Quraish at the battle of Uhud was…

Abu Sufyan (Correct)

Abu Lahab

Abu Jahl

63. Difference between Umrah and Hajj

During Umrah there is neither Arafah nor throwing of stone (Correct)

There is no pacing between Safa and Marwa

There isno Circumambulating the Ka’aba

64. The blessed Rawda is in

Al – Aqsa Mosque

Ka’abah Mosque

Prophets Mosque (Correct)

65. Taking Ihram at the demarcation is…

A Basic Principles

Obligatory (Correct)


66. Taking Ihram is…

A pillar of Hajj (Correct)

A sunna

Obligatory for Hajj

67. The Mercy Mount lies near…



Arafah (Correct)

68. If the pilgrim committed violating rules during Ihram…

Should fast ten days

Should Expiate a sheep and to fast three days

Should Expiate a sheep or to fast three days (Correct)

69. Sacrifice is…


An abiding Sunnah (Correct)

70. Among the obligation of Hajj is…

Pacing between Safa and Marwa

Tawaaful Efaadah

Throwing the pebbles (Correct)

71. Even if the pilgrim is not capable of performing Hajj if he does so….

Al Hajj is not valid

Al Hajj is valid (Correct)

72. The aged and the sick can depute somebody to throw pebbles

It is not allowed

It is allowed to do so (Correct)

73. In pre Islamic times Hajj was considered to be the..

Pacing between Safa and Marwa and assembly at Arafat

Tawaaf (Correct)

74. The sunan of Hajj…

Validity of Hajj depend on them

Is not cumpolsory and do not deserve expiation (Correct)

Should be compensated by expiation at Al Nahr Day

75. ……maintain the Prophet (PBUH) after the death of his grandfather

Al Abbas

Abu Thalib (Correct)


76. The Prophet (PBUH) died in

Rabee Al Thani

Rabee Al Awal (Correct)


77. What is the Battle Called in the Quran as the Day of Furqan


Badr (Correct)


78. Hajj

Is optional Sunna

Is an established Sunna (Correct)

Is obligatory upon every capable Muslim once in a lifetime.

79. The Prophet (PBUH) and Abu Bakr stayed inside the cave of Thoor for

Three days (Correct)

Four days

Seven days

80. The first one of Quraish who ran Makkahs affairs was…

Qusy Ibn Kilab (Correct)

Abdul Mutalib

Hashim Ibn Abdu Manaf

81. If the Pilgrim circumambulates at Hijjr Ismael

His circumambulation is permissible according to some sects

His circumambulation is valid

His circumambulation is invalid (Correct)

82. The Last Tribe Embrased Islam was..

Thaqif (Correct)

Bani Kinanah


83. The Caliph Who put and end to apostasy compaigns is



Abu bakr (Correct)

84. Kissing the Black Stone during the Tawaaf

is indispensable and obligatory

is not obligatory it is enough to point it to by hand (Correct)

85. Tawaaf Al- Ifadah for menustrating and puerperal ladies is..

exempted (Correct)

not exempted

86. Tribe Inhabited Makkah in the time of Ismail



Jurhom (Correct)

87. The First Mosque established in Islam is

Qiblatyn Mosque

Qiba Mosque (Correct)

88. Hajj is the crest of all worship because

It is the last of them all

It combines them all (Correct)

89. The Prophet (PBUH) built the

Qiba Mosque (Correct)

El Aksa Mosque

Namera Mosque

90. It is permissible for a women to perform Hajj by a proxy


Yes (Correct)

91. Those who had neglected the maintenance of the ZamZam well were..

Al Amaliqah

Al Grahimah (Correct)


92. Tawaaf…

Provides the same as for prayers regarding purification and ablution. (Correct)

Does not provide special conditions

93. It is Sunna to Pray…

four Rakas after each round at Miqam Ebraheem

two Rakas after each round at Miqam Ebraheem (Correct)

three Rakas after each round at Hijjr Isamel

94. The Number of Muslim Martyrs at Uhud were

70 (Correct)



95. The one who led the army of the polytheists in the battle of Hunain was..

Durid Ibn Al Samah

Thulaihah Ibn Khwalid

Maalik Ibn Uof (Correct)

96. Pacing between Safa and Marwa Is…

Seven Circuits (Correct)

Seven times to and fro

Three Circuits

97. The Pillars of Umrah are…

Taking Ihram, Pacing, Assembly at Arafa

Taking Ihram, Tawaaf, Pacing (Correct)

Taking Ihram, Tawaaf, Visit the Prophets Mosque

98. The Mercy Mount Lies Near

Arafa (Correct)



99. Spatial Demarcation for people of Al Madinah is

Qarn Al Manazil


Dhul Hulyfah (Correct)

100. The number of those killed on the side of the polytheists in all the compaigns were..


112 (Correct)


101. The Holy revelation to the Prophet (PBUH) starts on


Monday (Correct)


102. The Height of Al Kaaba is

15 meters high

20 meters high

10 meters high (Correct)

103. The Prophets foster sister was.


Al Rabab

Al Shyma (Correct)

104. The Prophet (PBUH) was born in

The year of Elephant (Correct)

The year of Rimada

The year of Wufud

105. The battle of Khaibar took place in the

Eighth year of Hijrah

Fifth year of Hijrah

Seventh year of Hijrah (Correct)

106. Saluting the Holy Mosque implies..

circumambulating seven rounds (Correct)

praying two rakas

praying four rakas

107. The obligatory Hady is upon

Hajj Al Ifrad

The one who performs Umrah

Muttamatti and Qarin and one who missed one of the pillars of Hajj (Correct)

108. Al Kaabah door is situated in the ... Wall



eastern (Correct)

109. Qiba Mosque is in the

North West of Sala Mountain

South West of Al Madinah (Correct)

af the Ranuwtha Valley

110. Jamratul Aqabah is

the smallest Jamrah

the medium Jamrah

the biggest Jamrah (Correct)

111. Recommendable Hady is done by

the pilgrim who performs Ifrad mode (Correct)

the one who performs Umrah

the one who missed one of obligatories of Hajj

112. The farewell circumambulation (Tawaaf)….. to hasten one’s gait this is considered the last act before returning home

it is not necessary (Correct)

it is necessary

113. The prophet received the revelation at the age of..

forty (Correct)


twenty five

114. The one who advised the digging of the ditch around madinah to repulse the attacks of the polytheists was


Salman Al Farisy (Correct)

Abu Ubaidah

115. The Prophet himself led the Muslim Army in

17 battles

13 battles (Correct)

23 battles

116. The Prophet (PBUH) used to meet his companions secretly at…

Al Arqam’s House (Correct)

Thour Cave

Al Nadwa House

117. Fundamental Principles of Hajj are…

Taking Ihram, Tawaaf Al Qudum, Assembly at Arafat, Farewell Circumambulation

Taking Ihram, Assembly at Arafat, pacing between Safa and Marwa Tawaaful Ifaadah (Correct)

118. The rites (Manasik)of Hajj continue for…

five days (Correct)

seven days

119. Zakah was ordained in the…

tenth year of Hijrah (Correct)

ninth year of Hijrah

eleventh year of Hijrah

120. The one who killed the Caliph Ali was…

Ibn Al Sawda

Abu Luluah

Ibn Mulgim (Correct)

121. Throwing pebbles are done..

In the leaving eighth of Dhul Hijjah

After sunset on the ninth of Dhul Hijjah

In the morning of the feast on the tenth of Dhul Hijjah (Correct)

122. If you doubted number of the rounds that you have done during Tawaaf, then

repeat the Tawaaf from beginning

the biggest number is considered

the lowest number is considered (Correct)

123. The relevance (legitimacy) of Hajj

is not found in the Quran and Sunna, and so can be dispensed with

is confirmed by the Quran and Sunna (Correct)

124. Among the fundamentals…

Throwing of pebbles, and taking Ihram at demarcation

Assembly at Arafah pacing between Safa and Marwa (Correct)

Spending a Night at Muzdalifah and Tawaaful Ifadah

125. Hajj

Is Obligatory Upon capable Muslim (Correct)

Obligatory upon Muslims

Is Sunna not Obligatory

126. The Priest who knew the signs of the prophethood of Muhammed (PBUH) was…

Abdul Qees

Buhyra (Correct)


127. Um Al Qura is


Makkah (Correct)

Al Taef

128. Partial relief from Ihram should:

Be done after Ifada Tawaaf

Bed done after throwing pebbles at the biggest Aqabah (Correct)

129. As soon as throwing pebbles of Aqabah

Tawaaful Ifadah should be done

Hady should be offered

Shaving the hair or shortening it, should be done (Correct)

130. Quraish Allocated a reward for the recapture of the Prophet back to Makkah, amounted to.

100 Camels (Correct)

150 Camels

50 Camels

131. The Months of Hajj are

Shawal, Dhul Qidah. Dhul Hijjah (Correct)

Rajab, Ramadan, Shawal

Dhul Hijjah

132. Ibrahim’s religion is called..



Al Hanifyah (Correct)

133. The real name of Abu Jahl was..

Abdul Uza (Correct)

Abdul Dar

Abdul Kaabah

134. Throwing pebbles at Aqabah is..


A Basic Principle

Obligatory (Correct)

135. The Farewell Circumambulation is..

One round

Seven rounds (Correct)

Three rounds

136. Tawaaful Ifadah is..

A basic element (Correct)



137. The one who called the old fox of Quraish was…

Khalid Ibn Al Walid

Umru Ibn Al Aas (Correct)


138. The first female martyr in Islam is..

Sumyah (Correct)



139. The treaty of Hudybyah was reached (signed)in…

In the sixth year of Hijrah (Correct)

In the seventh year of Hijrah

In the eighth year of Hijrah

140. Hajj (pilgrimage) is obligatory upon woman

Even if there is no Mahram male relative

provided she is escorted by a Mahram male relative or trustworthy person (Correct)

141. The first lady managed to learn Holy Quran by heart is…

Hafsah Bint Umar (Correct)

Sawdah Bint Al Haridh

Sumyah Al Ansaryah

142. During Hajj a woman should wear

Plain Clothes in a decent way (Correct)

The same as men do

143. The distance between Jiddah Airport and the Jiddah Makkah Highway is

15 km

12 km (Correct)

25 km

144. Umrah during Hajj season except the eighth and ninth of Dhul Hijjah is

Permissible (Correct)

Not Permissible

Not Recommended

145. Demarcation of Yemenis is Yalamlam

A plain lies at south of Makkah (Correct)

North of Makkah

A valley lies at east of Makkah

146. If the Mutamir (who performs umrah)spends the night in Makkah…

He should perform farewell circumambulation (Correct)

He does not perform farewell circumambulation

147. To pass through Safa Door and Supplicating Allah Almighty at seeking the Kaabah

Is sunnah (Correct)

Is obligatory (Fard)

148. Quraish beseiged the Muslim at the Mountain Pass of Abu Talib…

Four years Old

Two years old (Correct)

Three years old

149. The Battel Mu’tah took place in the…

Sixth year of Hijrah

Ninth Year of Hijrah

Eighth year of Hijrah (Correct)

150. Circumambulating the Kaabah is considered as


Prayer (Correct)


151. Umrah ends with…


Pacing between Safa and Marwa (Correct)

pebbles throwing

152. Casting the pebbles according to the four main sects is

Obligatory (Correct)

Not Obligatory

153. The lady called the owner of the Two Girdles (Dhatu Nitaqn) was..

Asmaa (Correct)

Al shymaa


154. The apostasy of Bani Amir, Hawzan and Bani Sileem took place in the

Eighth year of Hijra

Eleventh year of Hijra (Correct)

Ninth year of Hijra

155. When do you say O Allah forgive my sins and open to me the gates of Thy mercy

When setting out Travelling

When going to bed

At entering the mosque (Correct)

156. Spatial Demarcation for the people of Makkah is

To take Ihram at Dhul Hulyfah

To take Ihram at Tanieem Mosque

To take Ihram at his residence. (Correct)

157. The men who read Surat Al Tawba in Makkah was


Ali (Correct)

Abu Bakr

158. Throwing of Aqaba pebbles take place at



Mina (Correct)

159. The Prophet (PBUH) was born on

Monday (Correct)



160. When the prophet married Khadija he was

25 years old (Correct)

40 years old

20 years old

161. Khwalid Ibn Walid embraced Islam in the

Third year of Hijrah

Seventh year of Hijrah

Eighth year of Hijrah (Correct)

162. The total pebbles for Jamarat is

70 pebbles

70 pebbles for whose are not in hurry to leave and 49 pebbles for those in hurry (Correct)

49 pebbles.

163. The hosting of Pilgrims at Makkah was called..


Rifadah (Correct)


164. Whoever doesnot attend the Assembly at Arafah

Should fast ten days

Should offer an expiation Hady

His Hajj is invalid (Correct)

165. Funeral Prayer

Is Two Rakaas

Does not include bowing or prostration (Correct)

Is Four Rakaas

166. The delegations met to listen to Surat Al Tawbah in Makkah at

Safa and Marwa

Gabal Al Noor and Jabal Al Rahma

Arafat and Mina (Correct)

167. Mountain Uhud is

A sandy mountain in Jeddah

A huge mountain in Makkah

A rocky mountain about 4 km from madinah (Correct)

168. The Ceaser (ruler) of Rome at the advent of Islam was..



Heracles (Correct)

169. The Jewess who attempted to poison the prophet was…

Zainab Bint Al Haridh (Correct)

Zainab Bint Khinas

Zainab Bint Nibeat

170. The Leader of martyrs is..

Hamzah (Correct)



171. The first person who clothed the Kaabah with silk material was…

Hamzah Ibn Abdul Mutalib

Um Al Abbas Ibn Abdul Mutalib (Correct)

Al Zubair Ibn Al Awam

172. While Chanting Talbiyah..

A pilgrim is required to raise his voice, but a woman must lower her voice, or be heard only by one beside (Correct)

A pilgrim must lower his voice

173. The conditions of Hajj includes..

Availability of fonds only

Sanity only

Islam, Adulthood, Ability Financially and Physically and road safety (Correct)

174. The real name of Abu Jahl is

Amru Ibn Hisham (Correct)

Amru Ibn Kilab

Amru Ibn Wid

175. The Caliph who said I am in charge of you but I am not the best of you was…


AbuBakr (Correct)