Serious Fruitful Christian-Muslim Dialogues

Discussion in 'Muslim <---> Christian Dialogue' started by OneOfTheGuys, May 9, 2019.

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    Hello everyone, Peace Be With You, I am a Christian brother in humanity and I am not person who drinks alcohol or eats pork and not a Al-Mushrikûn (Polytheist), that is Catholicism, also believe in believe in Al-Tawhid (Monotheism)

    I came on here because I have a question and I have known muslims for 10 years now of diverse backgrounds. I am born and bred in England and of English background myself. I regularly go out doing street evangelism and I have engaged with Non-Muslim and Muslim guys and girls from countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Pakistan, Egypt, Palestinian, Israel, Algerian, Nigeria, Iran, Libya, Oman, Afghanistan etc...

    I am a devout Christian and I read a lot of my bible and other religions. I can confirm I have read the Qur'an and I do like to read it often too and including the Hadith, Tafsir and other sources. When it comes to talking to Non-Christians like the muslims, I do love hearing what they have to say and some of the people I do meet often have a scripted and memorised answer and feel that many are trained to say that and have been misguided. On certain occasions, myself or another friend will talk to them and they are very open and honest.

    What I do not do if a muslim does not have the answers, I don't make things difficult and I do encourage muslims to read their sources and also look at both sides (Bible & Qur'an) which the Qur'an itself tells people to do.

    What I want some of you to tell me on here is what kind of method do you have when it comes to speaking to a Christian or someone who has no faith? I once speent an hour talking to a muslim and it was very interesting. Some muslims know Arabic and some don't which I understand, the languages many know is usually Urdu and English and certain days an Arabic speaker usually appears.

    I will engage with anyone as long as we can have a good dialogue and respect one another and encourage interfaith dialogue. Some people my friends know who are muslims sadly have a prideful heart and move the goalpost and avoid answering correctly and they follow certain book authors and shiekhs who mislead muslims.

    I think at the moment we are seeing some dark times where people are being used to mock, argue and attack others with racial slurs in communities or reject those who do not follow a certain belief. I have been in a Orthodox Jewish community and it is not a nice experience. I have seen my friends threatened by other non-muslims, I have been to Hyde Park in London where it is like a gathering of mockers and pride, from time to time I have also had wonderful discussions with Mormons but I stopped engaging with Jehovah's Witnesses as they are not interested.

    I think it is okay to agree to disagree as long as discussions have been enjoyable and lots have been spoken about and allowed each other to have a say on certain topics.

    I would be interested to read your feedback from both Muslim and Non-muslim.. God Bless You all.

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