Hajj for me


Still trying to increas Imaan
Dear brothers
I have been posting on and off on this forum, I have reverted in secrecy and now practicing Islamic life at home. We both wish to do hajj. What would be needed to do hajj without telling other fellow muslims? Do I need some certificate of reverting?

Eman Yousuf

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salam alaikum brother,

yes we have been reading your post and welcome you to the fold of Islam. Have you heard what Umar Ibn Al-Khattab did after accepting Islam he became more courageous , he put his trust solely in Allah (swa) only and did his best.

We do agree that it is difficult to inform people about your reversion initially but somehow we (reverted muslims) have to take a step forward to tell the people we live with , friends, families, neighbor that we have chosen a right path .

The best is to make tahajjud ask Allah (swa) to help you out ,you open your heart to Allah ,make duaa that when u tell the people about your new faith Allah makes their heart soft for you .

Contact your nearest masjid take help from them. otherwise you can come to Hyderabad and can get in touch with the MIM political party (muslim party) which has stronger hold in Hyderabad they will help you out insha allah.

I supplicate that Allah (swa) remove from you all the hardship , confusion and fear, ameen.