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I'm considering converting to Islam. I've been to a class at the Masjid, and have learned a bit here and there. I've been dating a Muslim man for over 3 years now, and honestly am thinking about our marriage and conversion (from Christianity). I was open to dating a Muslim man to begin with because I was open to Islam. (Otherwise I wouldn't have gotten involved with him) He and I are both in our 30s.

Anyway, just want to say hello! I hope to learn more by being here.

Kind Regards,


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Hello Lotus, Enjoy Learning Islam :)
If you have any questions then feel free to ask, im sure brothers and sisters on this site will be able to help you Inshallah.


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congrats to be a Muslim and islam is the best relegion and i hope you will act upon all the principles of islam thanks for the joining of this forum


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Welcome Lotus,

I to have converted from Christianity before my wife and I married. I was more like a lost soul. I believed in God, but my heart told me Jesus was not God. My wife told me about Islam and everything made sense. There is one God, and Muhammad (PBUH) is his LAST messenger. As Muslims we don't show hate towards Jesus, Ibrahim, Adam, Musa, etc. peace and blessings be upon them all.
Just open your heart and read into Islam. I have found this to be the true religion of God, and will never look back. My family & friends might look at me and say "He has changed." Yeah they are right, I have changed. I am a much better person, American, and God fearing. If being a better person, and obeying Allah is wrong, then I don't want to be right.

May Allah give you the best of guidance and blessings.
If you have any questions please feel free to ask.



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Not sure if I can be of any assistance but I was christian once upon a timebeen muslim now since 1997. So if theres anything I can do dont hesitate to ask.


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I am really happy that you are considering a very very important journey. May Allah help you what you are whisng for insha Allah


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Dear Lotus,
U r most welcome here with us.
I am sure you will learn a lot.
Pls, accept some advices from me:

1.As you are dating a Muslim man since few years, then it is your destiny (maybe) to be a Muslim with/or without your man. I hope that God (Allah) will chose the best for you.

2. It is not really acceptable in the Islamic nation that a man & a woman dating each other for such a long time. Maybe you should know that any physical relation is prohibited in Islam before marriage.

3.If your man is a good Muslim, then he should ask you to marry him. In Islam it is allowed for the Muslim man to marry a believer woman even if she was not a Muslim.
Take my word and say it to him directly: Are you a Muslim ? If he said Yes, say: you need to marry me "right now" or everyone goes in his way.

4.Please take the time and learn about Islam because it is the truth, with/without a husband.

If you have the time, pls read the material that I posted on line, it will give u an idea about Christianity and Islam.

The material in the link:

I really wish you a happy & blessed life. May Allah help you to get the right man and help u with ur faith.