I compiled sameer albashiri with Brain Entrainment to help studying


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I am not fully knowledgeable on these Brain Entrainment beats. However, I became sick and tired of what was out there to try out. So I compiled one with one of my favorite nasheeds by Sameer Albashiri which are all vocal.

They are in flac format to preserve the sounds in the background that are stated to assist in concentration and studying. It's like a humming sound in the background. Better to listen with headphones.


16k bit flac (middle quality; right click save-as): http://www.archive.org/download/BrainEntrainmentWithAnasheedStudyingAndConcentration/Study-binaural-beat-with-Sameer-albashiri-16k_bit_rate.flac

24k bit flac (best quality I can make; right click save as): http://www.archive.org/download/BrainEntrainmentWithAnasheedStudyingAndConcentration/Study-binaural-beat-with-Sameer-albashiri-24k-best_rate.flac

There are no guarantees on this now. I only worked with what was available.

it took me like 30 minutes to make these. So it didn't occupy to much of my time.

One more note: The Nasheeds are in Arabic.