I need tips for patience


Lil' Muslimah
Salaam alaikum all,

I really need tips on patience because it seems as life goes on I'm becoming short-tempered.

Please help me. I hate this effect. I feel irritated and when I'm not patient I get very aggravated and frustrated.

JazakAllah khairan everybody


Assalaam walaikum,

Welcome to the human race. How often does Allah remind us of our nature. We do things in haste. What we need we wanted yesterday. We think of our needs and our needs first and foremost.

What did the prophets do: Simple. They continued to strive to Please Allah. They asked for no rewards but the pleasure of Allah.

Bite your tongue. And constantly remember Allah. When you feel the onslaught of anger..call Upon Allah to protect you from the guiles of shytan.

Lower your gaze and remember whose presence you are under.

Hope this helps


to Allah we belong

you have to practice but might take some time:

some of the tips are:

1. i ll be patient, i want Allah's pleasure

2. i ll be patient, i want Allah's jannah

3. i ll be patient, i want Allah's blessings in this life

4. i ll be patient, i want Allah to forgive my sins

5. pondering over small period of this life, eternal Hereafter, regret which others feel when they do wrong acts in anger, etc.

may Allah help u and all of us sister



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Assalamu Alaikum:

Few words: Seek the purpose of life and act according to Quran and way of Muhammad (SAW). These are perfect treasures to sort out any perplexing issue.

you may listen to commentary of Surah-Asr,by Dr.Israr Ahmed and InshaAllah I am sure it will help you to find a way out.