Im from Australia and you...


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I think it's great that the creators of this website have made a warm, friendly, Islamic lounge room where we can learn more about this beautiful religion of ours while at the same time, we meet new people.

I've noticed there are some people from Moroocoo and some from the US, Im from Australia, (Brissy) and am new to TTI. I think it would be cool to see where each of the members are from...

Keep up the good work guys,

sister thank you very much to join this site. I am m.abdullah al mamun from bangladesh. May ALLAH bless You.


Thankful for my deen
I recently posted as new to the forum. I'm from Dayton, OH, USA. I am wondering if there is anyone else on TTI from my area. Insha Allah there is and I will have the chance to get to know them. :)