Importance of Perspective/Search for Good in Others


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This is an excerpt from one of Ibrahim Dewla’s speeches. Its translated more or less meaning. My notes are in brackets.

One should make effort for this. What good does this person have? What good this other person have? Prophet (saw) used to mention the virtues of his companions. Abu Bakr has these virtues. Umar has these virtues. Abu Dhar has these virtues. He (saw) would mention the virtues of his Companions.

Owais Qarni is among the Tabiun (followers of Companions of Muhammad (saw)) who had not yet travelled to Madinah from Yemen. Even him Prophet (saw) mentioned his station (in righteousness) that when he would arrive and ask him to pray for Allah’s forgiveness for you. (Incident is in Muslim) He is not Companion of Prophet but follower (he is of lower rank ). Umar (rad) would search him during his caliphate, did Owais arrive or not so he could ask to pray for him. Where is Umar and where is Owais? (ie Umar is of significant higher rank than Owais yet Prophet (saw) praised him). Why? Because Owais possesses this good characteristic that Prophet (saw) has mentioned. Thus, search for good traits in others.

There is book called Stories of Animals. Scholars know of this. Its about animals. Its considered to be wonderful book, its Egyptian. An incident is written in it, one pious man said that I have found good in everything. People challenged that claim. Are you sure you find good in everything? He replied “Yes”. So he was asked “What good do you see in pig?”. Because according to rules of Islam pig is considered impure. He replied ” Yes it has one habit.” “Which habit?” “This animal wakes up early to get its sustenance”. You see a dog it will be barking all night, when you are walking to the mosque for Fajr, you will notice it sleeping. While the pig, it wakes up early.

So the one who searches for good will always find goodness. And if one stops to see the good? Then there were people who called Prophet crazy? For them they saw the lunacy in Prophet. I seek refuge in Allah. Abu Lahab accused Prophet (saw) to be liar. To Abu Lahab, he saw a liar. Why? Because their perspective is incorrect. They are blind to light (of guidance despite having Prophet in their mist). When a man’s heart becomes blind, he will only focus on the ills of others.