Inheritance according to injunctions in Grand Qur’ān

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    Inheritance is the practice of passing on the property, debts and obligations upon the death of an individual. In Arabic, the concept is embedded in Root: و ر ث. The moveable and immovable assets have become fascinatingly attractive for sensual excitements and gratifications for the majority of people. This being the ground reality, mere laws and regulations to implement justice in all respects in the case of inheritance is quite a difficult proposition for majority of human beings. Therefore, Allah the Exalted encourages creating a situation wherein justice can be established in such matters by heightening the moral consciousness of man and showing of mercy and kindness to those undergoing tribulations. The probable situations obtaining in the case of death of a wealthy Man or Woman are quite many. It will need volumes of laws and regulations yet leaving areas for injustice. The rules and guidelines given for sharing the inheritance are aimed at avoiding heart-burning, bickering and ill feelings amongst the members of bereaved family. The law of inheritance prescribed for Mankind and made obligatory upon the Believers is based upon the Testate succession and the Mandatory allocations; called: فَرِيضَةٙ مِّنَ ٱللَّهِ and وَصِيَّةٙ مِّنَ ٱللَّهِ , made by Allah the Exalted superseding the Will to that extent. Specifically covered are situations which are pregnant for abuse of man-dominance and injustice. In such situations, Allah the Exalted has exercised the Authority and Will to demarcate certain parts of the Inheritance, and permanently allocating it to specific relatives in preference to others. The old simple method of dividing into equal shares is adopted like equal parts into which a company's capital is divided these days. The unique feature of law of inheritance promulgated in Grand Qur’ān is that Mankind's ever cherished notion of absolute preference to male offspring is inverted by declaring daughter/s, not son/s, the focus and theme of Inheritance.
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