Introducing Myself


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oh mashallah :) and welcome to the forum, so whats your story then? what encouraged you to revert?


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Assalam Alaikum

Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!

Welcome to the religion of Allah dear brother. May Allah guide you always and granted you the highest paradise. Ameen.

Assalam Alaikum


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Salam New Muslim Brother,

Congratulation on your convert to Islam. It is the best, most blessed and greatest decision anyone has ever made. Well done and congratulations again!

You should heve any quetiona or quiries, feel free to ask us. If you want to have brothers close to you in Wales, I have friends in Swansea, they can be of your help.

May Allah be your Helper all the time

Regards Rawa,


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Asalam alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu!

Welcome to TTI brother! :SMILY259:


I'm a revert also! I reverted at 15! Doesn't it feel awesome when you accept it!!! Masha'Allah! Congrats lil' brother! I'm so happy for you! This is truly a blessing from Allah (SWT)! Alhamdulillah. Tell us, if you want, how and when you reverted. I understand WHY you did. All for the sake of Allah (SWT)! He has truly opened your heart to the truth walhamdulilah as He has done for so many of us subhanAllah. :hijabi:

Great to have you here with us!! :biggrin:

Salam (Peace)



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MashaAllah... Alhamdulillah..
Welcome to Islam, welcome to the Family, Brother!


قل هو الله أحد
Wa alaikoom assalam

welcome to the biggest family in the world bro !

Alhamdulellah ... alhamdulellah

Please keep in touch. Where in Wales r u ? Do you have muslim friends around ?

Angela Hillyer

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Salam Alaikom dear brother.

Congrats on your conversion, it truely makes me so happy to hear that you have taken your first step toward paradise. Allah Akbar. My Allah keep you on a straight path and give you the strength to keep increasing your knowledge.

Welcome to the site, you will find it very helpful Insha'allah. May Allah (swt) bless us all.



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These battered hand are all you own
This broken heart has turned to stone
Go hang your glory on the wall
There comes a time when castles fall
And all that's left is shifting in the sand

You're out of time, you're out of place
Look at your face
That's the measure of a man

This coat that fits you like a glove
These dirty streets you learned to love
So welcome back my long lost friend
You've been to hell and back again
God alone knows how you crossed that span

Back on the beat, back to the start
Trust in your heart
That's the measure of a man

It's the fire in the eyes, the lines on the hand
It's the things you understand
Permanent ties from which you once ran
That's the measure of a man

You've come full circle, now you're home
Without the gold, without the chrome
And this is where you've always been
You had to lose so you could win
And rise above your troubles while you can

Now you can love, now you can lose
Now you can choose
That's the measure of a man


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aslaama 'alakum

I was raised Islamically ,but took my shahada last month. I have been to a good muslim man for 2 1/2 years and I am very happy :)