Is "Reiki" haraam? Please advise with evidence

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Assalaamualaykum my respected brothers and sisters in Islam,

I hope you are all doing well insha'Allah.. To cut to the chase I am working within a mental health setting in helping promote a recovery within individuals who are experiencing emotional distress/ mental health problems. Recently the service has introduced "Reiki" as an alternative therapy or alternative option to aggressive drugs that can have alot of side effects especially with the nature of these patients...

My question is am really conflicted and confused whether I can use Reiki with my patients? There are different levels in which you can treat a patient with Reiki but we are ONLY using the very basic.. nothing advanced so it really just involves a person and using your hands placing them on their forehead etc diff parts of the body in order for them to feel relaxed totally calm and just tone down completely... I have had this done to via a workshop/ training just as a taster session and I have to see it really does work! It just made me feel more relaxed and saw it as a relaxation therapy.... But I wanted to ask whether I am okay to do this.. as all the workers within the mental health setting have to implement this to promote their recovery and offer it them once they are admitted- they have that choice. Please could you help and advise with evidence insha'Allah of whether it is okay for me to do so.

Jazakhallah khairun all!

Your sister in islam x:hijabi:


I'm not what you believe
sister,I know reiki very parents are "masters" of itthey have a regular chart with the genealogic tree of the people who received this kind of skillness.:salam2:now that I'm muslima,i dont think that in reiki there is the solution to some problems.I only believe that Allah has the skillness to heal who He wants.doctors may use their knowledge to heal,but about reiki,sister,I don't know if it will help youit's like joking with a weapon.who gave you the capacity to make reiki to your patients?the first man who discovered ow to heal people with reiki-"master Usui",he said that God had given him this skillness.but how could Allah talk to him?I can't tell that it's haram,but I may azzard that it's not from Sunnah to impose the hands over somebody else,except during the Ruqyia as sharyia and with the lecture of Quran.I don't want to make you sad,if you feel happy in this way,I can't stop you in is yours.I am referring a part of my past in which I lived that experience.I don't have any skillness nor chart of reiki,because my parents didn't give it to me.I don't need any knowledge,if I know that Allah is the Only One Healer