Islam and revolution

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What does the Holy Quran and Sunnah have to say about a population revolting against its government and forcefully removing leaders from power?


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salamu alaykum

People of the sunnah do not revolt against their rulers whether they be riches or cruel. Ahmed ibn Hanbel lived during a cruel ruler and he never called his student to revolt against the ruler. Ibn hajjaj who was a cruel ruler killed many many sahaba, yet no one called him a kafir nor revolted against him. Resulullah svs foretold us that there will be fasiq (bad) rulers and he svs didnt ever say to revolt.

Revolting does not cause any good, but just causes more fitnah. The scholars of the manhaj of ahlusunnah wal jamah were never for that nor are we. Infact, those people who call for revolts and disobaying the rulers are infact called the khawarij.

Allah sva tells us in the quran to obey Allah and obay His messenger, and those in authority.

“O you who believe, obey God and obey the messenger, and those in authority amongst you. But if you dispute in any matter, then you shall refer it to God and His messenger if you believe in God and the Last Day. That is better and more suitable for knowing.” (4:59)

InshaAllah, there are many threads that have been already dealt with this issue and we will not allow on this site arguments about that. Ahlussunah wal jamah doesnt consider a muslim disbeliever according to the sins they do.

Just remember, ALlah wont change the condition of one ummah until they change themselves. How muslims are, that is what kind of ruler Allah sva gives them. If muslims do riches deed, command good and forbid evil, then Allah sva will give them a riches leader.

How many muslims make duah for our leaders that Allah sva gives them guidence. Muslims dont have the right to take things into their own hands. They need to ask the scholars about anything they do not have the knowledge of. Otherwise, they should keep silence and study their deen and stay away from all the biddah, shirk, etc.

Anyways, no comments are needed for this thread.

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