its Allah is with me <3 :)

allah is with me

Rabana Wa laqal Hamd
Assalamualaikum wr wb brothers and sisters :) :wavyarms:

How are you all..its so good to visit after a long time :jumpclap:. TTI is totally changed, and at first i didn't understand how to operate tti :angryred:. but i feel great after visiting tti :)..well, i hope somebody remembers me here :shymuslima1: ? .. anyway let me introduce myself to the new members of tti. i am a very old member of tti , alhumdulillah had a great time here with all my brothers and sisters :)..I've got exams coming up this march 13th so i need your prayers desperately, please dont forget to pray for me :SMILY286: :tti_sister: