Kids Wudu Series: Wudu Guide for Kids and Converted Muslims


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This application is a complete guide for the kids and newly converted Muslims to perform step by step wudu. Kids will enjoy this application as it contains a puzzle game which is designed specifically for the kids to understand the order of wudu (ablution). The information section can be useful for the newly converted Muslims to understand the importance of Wudhu in Islam. This application is available on Android and iTunes and you can Download it FREE of cost.

Download Kids Wudu Series for Android || Download Kids Wudu Series for iOS

This application facilitate kids as a learning Tool and other benefits of using this application are given below;

· Muslims focus on religious education and mostly could not understand the English language but this app is designed in such a way that anyone can use and understand it using image representation of the steps of performing wudu perfectly.

· The authenticity of the wudu in Islam is checked by hadiths and you can find it in the section “what is wudu” about different hadiths regarding Wudu and there references.

· Mostly kids get fed up with learning materials and prefer playing games therefore this application contains a puzzle game about arranging order or steps of wudu which can be very helpful for the kids to learn wudu quickly.

· Tips and warning section explains the myths and misconceptions about wudu and clarify the newly converted Muslims and kids about importance of wudu in Islam.

· You can share this application on social media with friends and colleagues using the share option in this app.

You can use download this application and can benefit from it.