Lal Masjid Massacre


ou have seen us on the news
Heard many stories
Mostly negative
Don’t blame you if you hate us
But now its time to hear our views

You have seen men with beards and turbans
Women with faces covered and sticks in one hand
Children shouting militant slogans
We don’t blame you if you are scared

Who are we?
Are we mad, raving lunatics?
Intent of destruction and mayhem
Or are we human and Muslim just like you?

You have seen the house of Allah surrounded
Helicopters and armed soldiers
Used to attack us in our place of worship and home
You have seen bodies flooding out
Most believed the official version
But some sincere Muslims have doubts
Questions and criticisms

Do we not deserve justice and a fair hearing?
Or is it ok for us to be butchered like animals at Qurbani?
Over hundred plus dead and even more wounded
Mass graves and cover ups
Some witnesses say 1500 martyred
what was our crime and who convicted us in what court?

If you’re willing to listen and think for yourself
Then here is our story

We are Muslims
Just like you
Believe in Allah and his book and Prophet
We accept all the verses and hadith
Regardless of the change in time and place
Islam is not only in our hearts
But in our actions too

We saw the evil all around just like you do
We felt angry and sad like everyone else
Pakistan established in the name of Islam
But where is Islam in society we asked?

Musharaff came
some people applauded
Need for change from the Bhuttos and the Nawaz Sharifs
what has he delivered?
A partner in America’s war against Islam
Thousands of Muslims dead
And open vice and evil everywhere

Brothels even next to masjids
Corruption so open
Modernisation and progress some say
It’s the price we pay
For being Secular

Islam inside people’s hearts
While the decadent values tear our nation apart
Islamists and Secularists
With millions in the middle

So we took a stand
Against those who do evil
Used our hands
To change the condition of the people
We expected the Government to attack us
But we expected better from our brothers and sisters

Do you not wish to live in a better society?
Free from corruption and evil
Based upon the Prophets Sunnah
Where your daughters can walk without being molested
Your sons can get jobs without paying bribes
And the nation’s wealth will be utilised for the ummah

So we suffered the consequences of our sincerity to Allah
We have no regrets
After all death is decreed by the creator
We leave this world working for Allah’s deen
You and us will meet again soon
Where the only currency will be good deeds
So take advantage of the time you have left
And read the Quran and Sunnah with an open mind
And act upon its commands


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fikr mut karo......


Jab tak haq hai tab tak yeh pareshaaniyan hain
woh humara nahin hum uske mohtaaj hain.

har saans uski hai to kya fikr hai
ladte raho khuda ke liya jab tak jaan mein jaan hai.

Allah kare sare musalmaano ko hidaayat de aaaaameeen suma aaameeen...



Junior Member

brother you have open wounds once again, justice will be done inshAllah ,murderers may escape punishment in dunya but there will not be a place to hide from the ultimate justice of All-knowing, inshAllah.


I was just writing a research paper on the media's bigoted and biased portrayal of Muslims....I expect to get a low mark:( because when truth is told, there will always be an attack....

InshAllah everything is up to Allah....our Ummah will not change until we change ourselves, and until we decide to follow the Quran and Sunnah in its entirety...not only the parts we select and fit into out lives...we should fit into Islam with no compromises.:)


ALLAH is in my heart
salam brother
ahh i have no word wat to say.
it was nice poem MASHA ALLAH.
i wish i cud help my brothers n sisters in lal masjid n jamia hafsa.
some ppl say almost two or three thousand brothers n sisters were martyred during silence operation.
but v closed our eyes n leted our brothers n sisters died.
musharaf allowed army to attack on the house of ALLAH.
how sad is this.
media was showing these ppl extermist.s n terrorists.ASTAGHFIRRULLAH.
ahh this happened in pakistan??
n then v say that pakistan ka matlab kya LA ILAHA ILALA.
may ALLAH attain lal masjid massacers with jannah.amin sumamin.
i have seen molana abdul rashid ghazis deadbody he is smiling MASHA ALLAH.
may ALLAH protect our pakistan amin sumamin.
jazakallahum khair brother for sharing this reminder with us.


ALLAH is in my heart

Jab tak haq hai tab tak yeh pareshaaniyan hain
woh humara nahin hum uske mohtaaj hain.

har saans uski hai to kya fikr hai
ladte raho khuda ke liya jab tak jaan mein jaan hai.

Allah kare sare musalmaano ko hidaayat de aaaaameeen suma aaameeen...

amin sumamin brother.


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JazakAllah Abu Qatadah for posting one of my poems from last year. Indeed Allah swt will punish the oppressors of our brothers and sisters and they will not be able to hide anywhere.

Abdul Hasib

Student of Knowledge
A story Most Sad And Beautiful. The Brothers and Sisters, and infants and elders that died in that fight died for the Sake of Allah, took their Shuhadah, and they died with a smile ontheir face.

Horrible, it is. If it was a Kafir who did that, alright, I mean, they're Mushriks to start with and it's reasonable if they do that becasue it's understanding that they'd hate ISlam, but from a Munafiq, now I'd just love to kill him with my own hands.

Masharaff, the drunk person who kisses the presidents feet.

Don't you see brothers and sisters? We have to speak up, no matter what. We might end up like our other brothers and siters in Pakistan, Afganistan, Araq, Chechan, Filistin, Philipines, etc, but we rise for Allah Ta Alla and for our beloved Islam.

See, this is why I feel like going out there and getting myself oppressed. Then before I'd go and do my part, I'd ask Allah to make every slap, every drop of blood, or every blow to be a slap, drop of blood, or blow to not have to be on another oppressed Muslim of my beloved Ummati. I'd rather sacrifice my life for my Ummah, for my brothers, for my sisters in Islam, for my Ummah, for the Sunnah of Muhammad (SAW) and for the pleasure and sake of Allah Subhana Wa Ta Alla.

But still, Mashallah 2000 of our brothers and sisters have taken Shuhadah, and even if it is tearfull, know that they are with their Lord, and they are at peace, and on Qiyamaat, they shall never greive!

Emotional part 169-175.