Language: Origin and Prime Language

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    Language: Origin and Prime Language

    The desire of communicating is the origin of language.

    Language is the principal means used by human beings to communicate and share information. It is the main tool of transmitting information containing ideas and perceptions. Perception is a neurological process of observation and interpretation; acquiring and mentally interpreting information from the senses. Perception and word of a language are compulsorily complementary.

    Language is considered unique to humans. Communication via speech is considered a dividing line between humans and animals. What in reality is the language and speech? It is a stream of sound at intervals which is a vibration that typically propagates as a wave of pressure travelling though medium of air, liquid or solid and can be heard when they reach a person's or animal's ears - auditory instrument. Thereby, in the meanings of communication and sociality, it is something common between humans and animals. The animals do have their own "languages" which are translatable, as disclosed by elevated Messenger of Allah the Exalted:


    • And he (Sulie'maan alai'his'slaam) said, "O people, we have been taught the language - communicating sounds of the birds — [Refer 27:16]

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