Man and the Universe Why is the Universe the way it is?

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    Man and the Universe

    Why is the Universe the way it is?


    Philosophers and physicists ask: Where did the universe come from?

    Men of ordinary prudence like me should not enter into rather "dark oceans" of theories, be it of philosophers or the scientists. All along history the psyche of philosophers and scientists seems strange; they do all sorts of mental exercises and observations to know the truth but seldom read the Book of Hour.

    The majority of wise-men, be they the "Seven Wise Men of Greece" or Sophists, Gorgias or renowned Protagoras and Plato or his illustrious student Aristotle, or other "men of wisdom" before and after them, tried and delved deep in their imagination to understand the boundaries of "Knowledge" but seldom cared to benefit from "The Book of Hour". The "imaginative knots" never produce a ladder and rope that could take one to the point of certainty and conviction. It is unfortunate that majority of the "wise-brains" in philosophy gave more confusion and conflict than benefit to humanity since they in time and space remained neglectful to "The Book of Hour".


    Man and the Universe

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