Marrying Outside & Prophet


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This is an excerpt from one of Tariq Jameel’s speeches. Its translated more or less meaning.

Prophet (saw) married within his clan & outside. How many of our daughters remain unmarried? Only few days ago I got a call from girl ‘my father says you have to marry within the clan & not outside’. She says ‘I am getting old, the ones within my clan are not practicing’. Due to this, parents end up destroying daughters’ lives.

My Prophet (saw) married within Quraysh:

  1. Aisha
  2. Khadijah
  3. Sawda
  4. Hafsa
  5. Umm Habiba
Within Quraysh, he (saw) married within rival family Banu Ummaya: Umm Habiba (Abu Sufyan’s daughter).

He (saw) married outside his clan (Quraysh):

  1. Juwayriyya from Banu Mustaliq tribe
  2. Maymuna from Hilal tribe
He (saw) married outside Arabs: Safiyya from Jewish tribe Banu Qurayza.

He (saw) married within his clan, outside his clan and outside his race.

He (saw) own daughters Ruqayyah and Umm Kulthum got them married to rival family Banu Ummaya. There was rivalry between Banu Ummaya and Banu Hashim.

First daughter Zainab was married to Abu al As from Banu Ummaya. Ruqayyah and Umm Kulthum to Uthman from Banu Ummaya.

Only one daughter did he (saw) marry within family that was Fatima to Ali.

Within family 1 daughter and outside 3 daughters within clan but rivals.

Why did Prophet (saw) do all of this? He (saw) wanted to leave an example for us.