Historic Moon split witnessed by Indian king authentic?

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    Asalamualakum i would like to know about the king of India witnessing the moon split is it authentic or not
    "Cheraman Perumal, (Tajuddin. r.a) king of india-Kodungallur, Kerala (AD 622-628. Hijra 1-7) was the first Indian to accept Islam. Many historians have recorded this fact in their writings. Kerala is a state of India. The state stretches for 360 miles (580 kilometers) along the Malabar Coast on the southwestern side of the Indian peninsula. King Chakrawati Farmas of Malabar was a Chera king, Cheraman perumal of Kodungallure. He is recorded to have seen the moon split. The incident is documented Hamidulla writes in "Muhammad Rasoolullah [​IMG] in a manuscript kept at the India Office Library, London, reference number: Arabic, 2807, 152-173" On his way back to India he died at Salalah in theSultanate of Oman. On his deathbed he is said to have authorised some of his Arab companions to go back to his kingdom to spread Islam. Accordingly, a group of Arabs led by Malik Bin Deenar and Malik bin Habib arrived in north Kerala and constructed a Masjid at Kodungalloor. As the construction of masjid was sponsored by the King Cheraman, it was named the Cheraman Juma Masjid.[5][6][7] the mosque is there today

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