Muhammad (PBUH)


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The Beloved Slave and Messenger of Allah

How can my words do justice trying to express the greatness of Allah's beloved one?
How can a few drops of ink reflect a light that's greater then a magnificent sun?

Where do I go now, from what facet of the most shimmering gem shall I start?
From what star, out of his countless constellations of virtues, shall I first try to impart?

Shall I began with his mercy that could cover the universe like a baby in a fleece?
If so, what grain of sand from the deserts of examples of it, shall I put in this piece?

Should I write about the time he forgave the town that stoned him tell he bleed?
Or the time he pardoned Mecca, yet before that, they waged wars to get his head?

Or shall I sail though the rivers of tears that he shed in anxiety for the human race?
How many books would I need to write, just to show a single ray from the spectrum of his mercy's embrace?

Or shall I write about his humbleness that made the dust around him look proud?
If so, then what drop shall I show as an example of it, that fell as abundantly as rain does from a cloud?

Shall I write about how he welded the power of a nation, yet how he still slept on just a palm fiber mat?
Or how he had no personal concern for the riches that passed through his hands, so you couldn't tell him apart by his dress in a gathering where he sat?

Or should I talk about his home that was made of just mud and straw?
How can I abridge the countless volumes written on his humbleness in just a single poem, and not be in flaw?

Shall I then write about his dedication to Islam, and how he strove for it with all his heart?
If so, then from what leaf out of a forrest worth of examples of it, shall I start?

Shall I write about how he was offered the riches of the world if he just stopped his call, but how he stuck with Islam and rejected the huge offer, without a second to stall?

Or shall I write about how he didn't leave Islam, even though he was starved by the scansions placed on him in his town?
Or shall I write about how his neck was even stepped on in sajdah, yet with all the hardships of being a Messenger, to Allah he never gave a frown?

Or shall I write about how he was firm on Islam even when he was threatened with death by the superpowers of his time?
How could I ever do justice to showing his love and adherence to Islam in just a few lines of a little rhyme?

Maybe I should write about his love for Salat and how it was the coolness of his eyes.
If so, how can I narrow down an example of this, when they're as numerous as the clouds that fill up the skies?

Shall I write about his feet that would swell from standing so long in salat at night?
Or should I talk about how he yearned for salat because it was his heart's delight?

Or shall I talk about his firmness to salat no matter if it was dark, hot of if he was sick?
Yet how could I ever impart his true love for salat, even if my poem filled a book that was a mile thick?

And how could I not mention that he was a loving family man as well?
And again, how can I narrow down examples of this, when there's so many beautiful ones to tell?

Shall I say that when he was in his house he was serving those inside?
Or should I tell the story about how Anis lived with him for years, and not once received from him a single chide?

Or could it be summed up by mentioning that he said: "The best of men are those that are best to their wives"?
Like the rain, each drop from his teachings, brings so much enrichment to our lives.

And how could I not talk about his highest virtute of all?
It was his total faith in the Oneness of Allah; and to that, the people he would call.

How could I forget to mention that he never said a prayer to someone other than Allah?
Or how could I overlook the fact that only to his Creator did he direct his salah?

He knew Allah did not have children, The Most High just does not give birth.
He knew Jesus was his brother as a Prophet, just a man created from the earth.

Muhammad was sent as the last Messenger to guide us and to perfect our morality.
The highest of which is the correct belief in the Oneness of Allah, anything else is a gross abnormality.

I have tried to show you a glimpse of this most wonderful man, yet out of the vastness of his greatness, I have only shared with you a little span.

It is hard to sum him up in such a small space, because his virtues reach such a high number, of it we can't even think.
There would still be something wrong with us, if we thought they could all be contained in even a trillion strokes of ink.

Yet I have tried to show at least one shimmer from that luminous star.
May Allah forgive me, how can these few words reflect a light that shines so far?

Oh Allah, help us be more like Muhammad, your beloved slave and Messenger, and oh Allah, send your peace and blessings upon him. Ameen.

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Jazak'Allah Khair,
Allah humma sollee 3la Muhammad
wa3la aleehee Muhammad.

Our Rasoolullah's plesure was in his prayers, may we all able to follow his footsteps, ameen.