Muslim Woman Forced to Covert to Hinduism


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Asslamu Alaikkum
Islam is submission by heart, if she has married a man (kafir) who accepted Islam just for her sake, that basically was her mistake, Islam is not a change in name or a different place you go to for worship, Islam should be in our faith,, that man had not had it he was readily switched back to another religion (idol worshipers) , and yet again those idol worshippers try to convert her by performing rituals? again they are failing at the concept of a religion and submission ...


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Correct me if I'm wrong but Allah SWT only takes into account those actions that we undertake through our own free will.

If this woman and her family were forced to convert to Islam then really no conversion has taken place. If it didn't take place freely and she doesn't accept it in her heart than she is still a Muslim.

I base my point on a video that I was watching by Sheikh Salim Al-Amry where he said exactly that. He gave an example that if someone put a gun to your head and told you to renounce Allah or insult the Prophet (SAW) then go ahead and do it, Allah knows that you are being forced and the alternative is having your head blown off.

Atleast that what my limited knowledege tells me.

And Allah knows best.
Exactly !