Video Muslims in Texas - Islam in America


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Asalaamu alaykum



sister katherine.
After best greeting of Islam,Sister Katherine, we all making dua to u and ur Husband to have good kids those r doing or following the words of god, Allah told as in surah Al Isra
Ayah 23 and 24 Subhanahu Wata,ala said And your Lord has decreed that your worship none but him.And that you be dutiful to your parents.If one of them or both of them atain old age in Your Life.say not to them a word of disrespect,nor shout at them but address them in terms of honour.
And lower unto them the wing of submission and humility through mercy ,and say:"My Lord!Bestow on them your mercy as the did bring me up when i was young Sadakalahu adeem.
Dear sister all of us we make for u Dua in this holly Months to have a nice children those are follwing that Ayah, give the greeting to all my Brothers and sisters In Dallas.


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Salaam alaykoum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuhoe,

Dear Eric, David, Yasmine and Katherine,

Insha'Allah all of you are with good imaan and health conditions.

I just watched the video....macha'Allah. I'm really glad that all of you are my brothers and sisters. May Allah (Subhana wa ta'alla) guide you all on the straight path and provide you with all the knowledge to go on and help others on the straight path insha'Allah...ameen.
I hope that your families accept and maybe even embrace islam insha'Allah. I really feel blessed having so many brothers and sister all over the world.
Djazak Allahoe Ghair for sharing all of your stories with us.
May Allah (Subhana wa ta'alla) reward us with the most beautiful world ever...Paradise..insha'Allah.....ameen.

Wa salaamoe alaykoum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuhoe
Your sister in Islam, Aicha


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assalam alaykom dear brothers and sisters

thank u all for this video, i like it a lot, and i am very happy to see people converting into islam it makes me proud of them allah, all what i can tell them is that i love them and my allah gathers us the day of judgement in the highest paradis with the prophet muhammad salla allah allayh wa salam

and dear sister catherine:hearts: i am really happy of u and may allah gives u so sweet babies i will make special doa for u may allah guides u to his right way

assalam alaykom


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May Allah keep us steadfast on his deen. Ameen.

Allah Hafiz.
Hi everyone! Big Salam to all!

This is Katherine from the video.

Well after 3 years of this video being made, I have the courage to come out and correct the media's portrayal of me. They so misrepresented me. When I did this video I was was a muslim for about 5 months. They started filming in August 2003 and again another shoot in October 2003. I converted to islam in June 2003. I just started to desire to cover then in public in October. So when they filmed me in the first rounds, I was not covered. So please forgive me for that.

Also I would like to say, I said alot more important things they the way they portrayed me. I actually come from a middle class family...not upper class as they said. I did go to a nice college but only because my dad was smart enough to save money for his daughter. I had a special talent in art so there were not very many good christian schools in the USA I could go to. So I ended up going to TCU....and this is also where I learned about islam from my religion professor, Dr. Saddique (he was a muslim too).

Oh and those tennis lessons....I paid for that...just because I was trying to find a fun way to lose weight....I did not have tennis lessons all my life! My sisters was doing it also for exercise and she encouraged me to do the same. SINCE THEN, I have lost weight, about 30 pounds, humduallah! All that bowing and praying helps your weight too! I was really upset when they did the part with me about the finger nail polish. It made me looks so like stupid...I mean that is just a minor thing about wudu in Islam for women...but I wish they showed the other stuff I talked about in my where I learned about islam and the first mosque I went to.

Currently, what is going on with me is I am just now finishing my second degree in education. I hope inshallah I will be teaching next year. I am married now for 2.5 years. No Children yet...but I and my husband are up for them now...please make dua for us to allow allah to grant us good children! My husband and I are involved in plenty of dawa activities at our mosque and the public. Please don't hesitate to post a message to me if you have any questions about islam. I currently work directly with all the new muslims in dallas.


Mohammad Toseef

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Asalam Alaikum
I just joined the website's community but i have been visitng it for quite a while though. this video-about texan mulsims-in my opinion is pretty effective and i have watched it for more than 4 times now...Masshallah the convert brothers and sisters are definitely an example for all of the muslims that how did they changed their beliefs and now are steadfast in Islam
Im really inspired
May Allah give all of us the hidaya to follow on islam

Ali M Hamidy

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Asalmu Alikum

My everlasting congratulations to these folks from texas. It is pretty amazing that these folks found the right way to reach their Allah. Just want to know if there is a friendly preaching system to help my friends with questions. thank you


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Mashallah i'm so happy for all three of them; it's like feeling a fresh air coming from America, Jazak Allah for this excellent video

sisiter mkrahman , i 'm so glad you replied here to tell more about you , Mashallah to read about was so nice , May Allah SWT Bless you Ameen and i hope the projects you have will all be successfull Inshallah


Hassan Greepaly

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hello katherine

hello kathrine,

how are you,,hope your doing great,thanks for the correcting,and mayALLaH bless your family and give your children a bright future

YOU and your blessed family made islam stronger,
islam gets stronger with each person when converting to islam,i feel that

soon a day will come when all shall realise and accept the truth and its all because of beautiful people like you

and also i believe people who convert to muslim are better than many people who are born muslims

takecare and have a nice day


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salaam alikoum sister Katherine. I am so happy that you stayed with Islam- you found the true path-humduallah! Congragulations on getting married. :)
may peace and blessings be on you and your husband.
--Sister Sara.


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salam im jayson 22 yrs old a muslim from phillipines, i have watched the video about the american muslims in texas, for me the americans have realized that islam is the true religion in the world, it really structed me most, nshallah!


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im very proud to david,katherine and yasmine
im sure islam will guide you to the right path and get closer to subhana taallah, islam will protect ur family against forbidden acts! allah akbar...........................................................................................................................................................................................................


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asalaamualaykum warahmatulaahi wabarakatu.

Manshalahh Iam very glad to see you
vidio. and my name is Imraan, your sister in islam.


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salama lekom
how r u im new one today it is my first day im happy for get this site i hope every thing will be ok
mourad from libya 25 male ty so much


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if you can do me a favor.

Salam wa alikom brother. How are you doing? I was looking in the net and then I come cross this website, what great website specially those videos about new people converting to Islam machaa Allah.
If you can do me a favor to provide me with email of Brother Eric from Texas he was in the video or you can lat him know and give him my email if he wants that I will appreciated for the rest of my life.
Thank you a gain
Salam wa alakom



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i am happy for the family tha turns islam every minutes thank you who ever laft this video may allah give you and all of us that are muslims heaven :salam2:


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plenty of dua

dear sister katherine

we are all making plenty of dua for you,your husband and all your family
and may god almighty bless you with beutiful and healthy children.

your brother Abass1


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a muslim from belgium

thank you for all this, merci beaucoup qu'Allah preserve tous les musulmans en islam et nous fait heureux dans la vie bas et la vie derniere :tti_sister: