My faith is getting weak - Please advise me


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Weakening of Faith


As Salaamu Alaikum

Dear Bro:

I know your pain mine too it has been what others have. Not money but family closeness long good marriages things like that I struggle in the same ways that you do. But I know that Allah never puts a burden on us greater than we can bear I know what was told to me if I will increase my ibadah then I will get comfort. I don't always want to hear these things but when I listen and act on them I usually survive the slump I am in. The most important thing for me is to pray even when I don't want to if I miss them I make them up and I ALWAYS FEEL BETTER. My own personal dua'a is O Allah grant me acceptance of Your Qadar O Allah grant me strength in Your Qadar and O Allah help me to make things better even if they never change Amin

I have a brother who may be in the last days of his life May Allah Ta'ala bless him with peace as struggles with his illness. May Allah Ta'ala bless him to have all of his sins exonerated as a result of each and every ache and pain he has AMIN. His wife is struggling but strong as ox and surely holding on the rope of ALLAH Ta'ala He can't get to the Masjid like before so he leads his family in salaah at home and despite his terminal brain cancer he is fasting and Al Hamdulillah the brothers from all different Masajid come to him after Fajr to read Qur'an with him. His strength will forever and always be a source of strength for all the bare witness to his illness. Those big strong brothers in this community have been brought to tears talking about his patience and his strength and his adherence to this DIN. That is another thing don't just look at those less fortunate than you find a sick or handicapped brother you can help it will strengthen you far more than it will help them trust me.

I tell you my brother increase your ibadah hold on to the rope of ALLAH Subhanah wa Ta'ala no matter what.

Your Sister in Faith

Umm Mecca Sakinah bint Hyman

Sister Zara

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my faith is getting weak - plz reply me

I really feel no connection to Islam. But i DO have a connection to God. I always did. But when it comes to walking and talking like a Muslim. I dont.
I am married to a man who is a born Muslim and does not want me to dress or act Muslim. He says he wants me to be "normal".

The first day of Ramadan, i wore hijab to try and get `back` into my Islam habit, the that very day someone spit on my car door. It was so much i could not get in on the driver side. It was disgusting.
I took off hijab and my husband said it happened because of hijab and i did not look normal.
He does not want to pray or to talk about Islam or go to the mosque or be around Muslims. If we do we will stick out and not be `normal`.
THIS is why I am thinking of leaving. i need to feel a connection somewhere. So i feel i am forced to look else where.

:salam2: Dear sister shous, May Allah shower His Mercy and blessing upon you-ameen.

You did feel a connection with Islam sis, or you wouldn't have reverted. How, why and when that connection was severed are questions to which you have to seek an answer for within yourself. It could be due to insufficient knowledge, misunderstanding, misconceptions, support, influence and Islamic deeds.

The answer would be to learn, learn and learn some more. I was born muslim, but only began to understand Islam by increasing my knowledge of it and especially by reading the Quran with translation. I too had difficulty understand many islamic/shariah laws. It was only by actively seeking the truth that I overcame obstacles which were preventing me from... may I say a 'full blown muslim'. It is difficult to relate to what you do not understand. Therefore my dear sister my sincerest advice would be that you increase your knowledge of deen and all that it implements.

Sadly, your husband is not a good influence on you, and dear sis, the shaytaan can see the weaknesses and using them to mislead you from the Truth. I am sure that if your husband had been a practicing muslim, he would've aided you in implementing deen in your lives and as a result helped to strenthen your imaan.

But neither your husband or the people who mock you for wearing hijaab, will be of any use to you when you will be standing before Allah (swt) on the Day of Reckoning. Only your deeds and state of imaan will be of help to you. This world hun, is but a path on which we are all travelling to the next. Our final destiny. What you find hard to do now, you'd leave in a blink if you could glimpse the rewards in the here-after. However we can't take a peek into Jannah hun, or we'd all desire to die today. We only have blind faith. And that is a test in itself.

Take it upon yourself to seek knowledge of deen. Whether that offends your husband or others, let it be. Like I said before they won't be able to help you when you face Allah in the End. They will go to their grave and you to yours.

Once you understand Islam, by that I mean when it makes sense to you, you will yourself begin to implement deen in your life. We should be more concerned about pleasing our Creator, who has given us life, given us so many blessings, even the faculties you are using to express your feelings, than to please others who only lead us astray from the true path.

I sincerely hope that you will take my advice inshaAllah. It would sadden me a great deal to see my sister in Islam stray from the Truth.

I leave you in the care of Allah (swt) and with my duaas, inshaAllah. You are welcome to talk to me anytime you wish. :)

Love you for the sake of Allah,




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assalam alaikum

dear cbr , first i would like to introduce myself , abbas ,23, from iraq , and i am realy glad to hear that there are muslims in a place like the united states and i am really glad and eger to help , and we can discuss untill we come out with the right result , my email address is******* EDITED******.

first lets know what is faith , i mean faith in what , how can we be leaded to strong faith , i may not tell you that i am a tipical muslim , but i know much about belief and if you are really searching for some thing we inshallah will start from the beginning.


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Both to Cbr and to Shous,

I can sense that you are wanting more of Allah in your lives. There have been 'dry' places, and 'challenges' of living out the way of Islam.

I can identify with Shous, in the fact, that she wants to be 100% loyal to Allah....and through nature of being 'accepted' by her husband encouraging her not to do this, is putting a thorn in her side. He needs to be a prayerful, and be proud of his wife to wear the hijab....only for his eyes to see her beauty. And for her to be loyal to what Allah has permitted of being covered.

Shous is on the right track, especially when she was muslim 2 years prior to marrying her husband. It is ashame that her husband takes Islam so lightly. She should remain strong in her convictions of what would please God/Allah.

I cannot think of what to say much to Cbr, but out of respect to this forum that was started by Cbr, I want to give attention to the needs mentioned.
So I have read the responses, and feel that we all want to give encouragement to search and be strong in our own devotion to Allah.

Shous, do not allow weak people to bring you down to their level of how they live their lives. You are only accountable to your heart and soul to God/Allah. Take your time and 'listen' to the right thing to do, through prayer, and just being patient. Waiting might seem long, but in the meantime, be strong in your desire to do what is right. And do not loose all the good that you have inside of you....

You should not listen to anything that is not from Allah's guidance through people who want to influence you to do the wrong thing. You can make it, taking a step towards the light of truth.

I hope I was able to help just a little. You seem to have been going on the right path all along......and others want you to leave the simple path to Allah...and follow the 'worldly' ideals. You are not alone. Allah sees all and knows all.



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Sister if your husband is as you say he is and does not pray and does not want you to wear hijab and disobey Allah then you should not be married to him and the majority of scholars say the one who does not pray is a kafir and they bring strong proofs and if that is the case then a muslim women can not be married to a non-muslim. And if he is still muslim he is a disobident and you should not stay married to him in either case. He is bring harm upon you and this is one of the few case is were you are allowed to ask for divorce of maybe even encouraged and Allah knows best.

You will not find a people who believe in Allah and the Last Day loving those who oppose Allah and his messeger, even if they are their fahters, or their sons, or their brothers, or their kinsfolk. Rather Allah has decreed true faith for their hearts, and strengthened them with proof,light and guidance from him; and he will enter them into the gardens of Paradise beneath whose trees rivers will flow, and they will dwell therein forever. Allah is pleased with them and they with him. They are the party of Allah. Indeed the party of Allah are the successful. [sooratul-Mujaadilah 58 Aayah 22]


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You better Solat jamaah and read al Quran

my advise to you as my brither in Islam are:
1. Solat 5 times a day (Subuh, Zohor, Asar, maghrib and Isya'), better in jammah in masjid.
2. read Al Quran.
3. study hadis. there more than 600 thousands hadis of Rasulullah.
4. Salawat for our phophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasalam.
5. Istiqomah (Sustain your good amal)
May Allah protects and guides us, Amin

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Dearest sister,

I am not sure how this will help you, but i think when we share similar stories we tend to feel that we are not lonely. I will tell you some of the stories I been through when I first moved to Canada.

Once i was doing grocery shopping, and I had a question about which butter to use the salted or unsalted, so I saw a women standing near me and I thought it is ok if i ask her to advice me. I went up to her and asked her, " Can I ask you a question?" she replied shouting, " Back off !". So I stood in my place shocked, why she said that ? tears were about to drop from my eyes but I just went away.

when I went back to my place I was emotionally hurt and I was all by myself. I knew that she reacted this way because I wear the hijab. This racism that I have been through and other ones made me hate canada and want to go home. But what made me not go to the negative side, is that i started giving her a reason to act this way, such as being naive about my faith or maybe she lost someone in 9/11 or anything else that will make me understand her action.

You know, when I stared wearing the hijab I found that people of my own faith (Islam) are being less supportive and even some find me going to an extreme (which wasn't really the case, but for us it majority go by cultural style of living that does not really follow islam in the right way). i was surprised by others of different faiths congratulating me for it and my own people are telling me I'm young to put it on (I was 18 years).

What really hurt me once, a sentence my dad told me when he came to visit me, " I hate being odd, and you are odd in this society (Canadian)".
But elhamdolilah now he totally have a different way of viewing it,I even feel that he i proud that I put it on without anyone’s influence.

Sister, one of the hijab advantages that it shows you who really likes you and respect you for who you really are and not for how you look. Being in a socity not supporting the hijab makes you luckier, because you holding on to your faith is a type of jihad, between you and yourself.

you know what else, hijab makes a female more valuable. Did you ever see a dimond out in the streets ? or is it protected and kept out of reach and valuable?

Remeber sister Allah sobahanah wa taaalah tests us, and the more he tests you the more he loves you, because each test is harder that means it worth more hasanat (means, what Allah merits you of doing the right).

Sister, Can you tell me what makes you really want to change you current faith ? what exactly ?

So, that i can help you more. That if what I have mentioned helped you ( I hope so).

hope you find your answer soon and enshalla i will pray for you.

Salam and ramadan mubarak



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im just like you, my muslim friend!

Selam my Muslim brothers and sisters! i have registered on this site just today!! thanks to Allah (s.w.t)
Im a 18 year old kurdish girl from london who have absolute faith in islam!! but im not a practicing muslim girl! i mean i don't wear the hijab, i don't even know how to pray (every muslim must know), but i do fast!! i have signed up on this site coz i want to get close to my religious side!! evil shaytan is too strong and us believers keep forgetting that!! i honestly want to change the way i live! i want to live accordingly to islam, but i find it very hard to in the environment in which i live in! i hardly have muslim friends!! but i know for a muslim not to lose their faith in islam they should make "real" muslim friends, be around muslims, hung around with muslims, join these muslim sites!! inshallah one day i will be a good muslim!! i have sinned a lot and i really want Allah's (s.w.t) forgiveness!! I love Allah so much 'coz we all know he forgives you for whatever sins you have committed, but you have to really regret your actions!! Any muslim friends out there????? write back to me please!

May Allah (s.w.t) Bless you all my Muslim Brothers and Sisters!! Ameen!!

by muslim girl leyla from london


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This whole topic made me think of one quran ayah, i can't quite place the source at the moment but it meant that 'do the beleivers claim to beleive and think that Allah will not test them?'
It just goes to show that Allah gives test to check our belief, do we beleive to please society? to show off? or because we love allah?
If it's the last case then we should do so by obeying Allah's commands, being patient through the hardships and thus attaining piety.


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Asalamualaikum wr wb. You want a sincere advice. you are blessed. really you are the choosen one to be tested by Allah swt. please can you make dua for us all muslims to be united as one.subhanallah. May Allah swt bless us all hereafter .please be must be coz Allah swt is always watching over you and putting you to test , to make you stronger wiser ..... please tawakalanallah. insyaAllah .and please dont forget to help make dua for us all to be one.subhanallah walhamdulillah waalaailahailallah waallahuakbar.


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Beleve need maintance as well.
Beautiful garden if neglected becomes a jungle and a house for wild animals of all sorts. The garden of Islam was left behind in prophets time was full of fruits of all sort which throughout the generations and with efforts, love and hard work was kept it's our weak hands which are wiggling and donot know its full worth...

Beautiful words, thank you.
Your unworthy Bro - Salman


Seek Truth, Be Happy
I took off hijab and my husband said it happened because of hijab and i did not look normal.
He does not want to pray or to talk about Islam or go to the mosque or be around Muslims. If we do we will stick out and not be `normal`.
THIS is why I am thinking of leaving

The problem is that some people have taken the Islam as ritual but not as a complete way of life along with a strong concept of accountability in hereafter. They are also not aware what hardships Prophet and his companions faced and what were their reactions.

The average life span in this world is around 60-80, out of which teenage life is forgetable and old age is also associated with illness and physical weakness. Just for the sake of 20 years of our youth we jump up and down, as if we are doing some favour to Allah by accepting him as our Lord. What we do is for our own favour.

This life time is like a peice of ice, which melts as the time pass. You can throw the ice on the road and let it melt there or you can use it by putting in a glass of water. Life is going to melt, years will pass and one day very soon you will start to see wrinkels on your face and then suddenly one day our souls will depart for ever.

Our life time in this world is nothing but a dream, a deception. Nothing comes free of cost. So how can paradise or salvation can be earned without any hardships? Once we accept Islam, we have to obey Allah. If mother, father, brother or sister or any other relative comes against Islam, we have to leave them and not the Islam. Allah knowns what is in our heart very well and he will give us the reward accordingly.



In a lifetime there are periods where your faith is very strong. There are periods where you seek where your faith has run.

In times when the faith is weak it is a message to slow down the outer life. It is a message to contemplate. It's like spring cleaning. You search your life and throw out that which inhibits your growth. You keep only that which is necessary for continuation of the journey.

Everyone goes through it. This is a time when you can't even cry because your tears have left you.

Often, it is a period when the calling of Islam interferes with the calling of the world. The choice is yours.

The remedy is simple. Hold on to the Rope of Allah. Pray. Fast. Give to charity. Even posting on this website rasies your faith. Dive into the pool of Love and have constant physical reminders of Islam. Flowers, the fragrance of jannah, incense to raise your soul, hold a feast...spread the blessings to other Muslims.

Be active in your faith. Islam is not passive. And keep in touch with us.


:salam2: brother.
I can relate to your post, and honestly, I believe it's a test of faith.
Be careful though, it could lead to depression, or can even be suicidal if you keep stressing and questioning everything. Trust me, I know.
Keep your tongue busy in Zikr of Allah swt, so that you won't think about the worries of this life. Remember Him, and He will remember you.
Insha Allah all will be well.
You are in my prayers.
May Allah swt bless you.


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First of all, only read this if you can give me a serious response. Not to sound mean but I really need sincere and factual advice.

I know it's Ramadan and a time in which the soul becomes closer to Allah and the faith gets stronger...but mine feels weaker.

So far I've kept all my fasts and I also pray...sometimes. I prayed at least once a day in ramadan, some days 4 or 5 prayers.

The thing is, I live my life with what Allah has given me. Yes, it's definetly not perfect or even close to it, but I am pretty thankful. But still, when I look at people who have it better than me (and trust me, this has nothing to do with money) I feel sad and upset.

Yes, I've heard the Prophet's (Peace be upon him) hadith about not looking at the person above you but rather the one how has it worse....but sorry to say that doesn't cut it for me. I feel that what this specific thing that Allah hasn't given me is something that is as if Allah is teasing me and making things worse when it doesn't have to be.

I think to myself, why couldn't Allah just test me without this certain thing being a factor in my life? Islam teaches us that Allah doesn't put one through something that he/she can't handle...and the more He tests you the more he loves you. Yeah well, that doesn't cut it also. I mean come on, I look at people who live a life of sin and don't even think once about God in a day and they go along perfectly in this life. Islam says that those unbelievers will have the torment in the afterlife, but why the heck should I have to go through my torment now? I mean, I am respecting and praising God now, not later, now. So why does God make me wait and have to go through the suffering in this life and on top of that just hope for heaven....I'm not even gaurenteed it...unless you count being tormented in Hell first. Shoot, for all I know my book might be given behind my back. And to think that the life I lived in this world was painful and the afterlife will be as well. What a thought.

I also see other people have it so much worse than me, other Muslims on top of that! Look at most of the Muslim countries around the world. They suffer on a daily basis, I have it good compared to them and I am very thankful for that.

I know Allah can see exactly how I feel and he will judge me accordingly. Maybe my reward will be greater because of this, I don't know.

But one thing that really has shaken my faith is this......I feel really guilty sometimes. I feel that just because of this negative aspect of my life, I look for an answer....and that answer turns me towards Allah. This really hurts me inside. I feel that on the day of judgement, Allah will tell me that I only believed in him as a hope because I didn't have any hope in this life. Isn't that wrong? I think it is. Because I see it as a desperation. Let's say I started this life over (without any memory of this life) and Allah didn't put me in the situation I am in now, would I have close to the same amount of faith in Allah? Probably not. I would just live my life without looking for an "answer" to why my life is this way. I would just live life and die. Honestly, it's a awful thought in my mind if Allah made my life this certain way just so that I would have faith in him. Because I feel that this faith is a weak faith.

Yes this is a long post and if you are reading until now may Allah bless you for your time and effort.

One more thing...I guess this is a different topic but this also shakes my faith. Why is it that Islam teaches us that a person who doesn't believe in Allah will go to hell no matter what they did in this life. I have read this with my own eyes. I really don't see the point in that. Yes, Allah made this world as He wished and who am I to ask questions like this...but I also feel that Allah gave us the mind to think things through, and the Quran talks about this a ponder. So why is it that a person who lives a good life but doesn't believe in God will go to hell? I can understand it in the way that the person feels that he/she is self sufficent, but come on, the person lived an unselfished life so how can they be punished?

I don't is weird, that is a conclusion to this I guess. I didn't ask to be in it and sometimes I wish that I was nothing and never existed. Who cares if I wouldn't get to go to heaven because I wouldn't go to hell either, I would be nothing. Seriously, what is pleasure and pain? They are just feelings. My body and soul are slaves to these feelings. I think i'm gonna sto p here.

-Muslim brother

I would try to post a response to the text in red.
First of all, as Muslims, we should have proper imaan. And Imaan is not pure faith. Imaan is faith, with proof. and in this regard, Iman comes with knowledge, and rigurous study of the word of Allah almighty.
Now in this regard, once a Momin achieves proper imaan, he/she knows from iside and outside that he/she is on the right path. and then it is also part of his duty to enlighten others, so that they can also be saved.

now this saved is not the same a s accepting Jesus as the saviour in christianity. This being saved is being among those who receive their rewards in the hereafter. now i will post a few pointers:

1) First of all, it is the highest injustice (zulm in arabic) to associate partners with God, to discredit him from any of his bounties and blessings, to thank some one else, instead of God, and to have arrogance-- for arrogance is the main thing that drives a man to ignorance, and stubbornness--The Holy Quran and the life of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is full of examples of such people.
2) There is a saying of the Prophet (PBUH): "I would not have the whole wealth of the world in the place of this revelation. . . O My servants who have oppressed your own souls by sinning, despair not of the mercy of God." A man said, "What of him who hath associated others with God?" Muhammad remained silent for a while and then said, "Know that him also God forgiveth; but on repentance." Now this repentence is nothing more than to testify that there is not God but God, and that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is His final messenger.
3) There are also Ahadith that mention that people who do good deeds get their reward from Allah in this world only.
4) The rule is simple, you invoked someone else during times of trouble in this world, and so you should try doing the same on the day of judgement.
5) Now, Logically thinking, the other pious non believer, is also a follower of his/her own religion. He and she should have no problem with the fact that he/she will enter Muslims' Hell--tey dont believe in it in the first make no difference to them. And just because they are destined to hell for their arrogance and ignorance, does not mean that we muslims stop being nice to them in this world.
6) Another example is several people competing in a race....the winner has to be one, and only the winner is rewarded (if you ignore the runnerups for now).
7) another point to consider is that if everyone ends up in heaven, the it is not fair for the Muslims who controlled their desires in the world to be placed equal to those who let it loose...


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as i would like to share too..

and i would like to start to a good point first.
hopefully i did not riya as riya is a small shirik

im use to be a good muslim when within minutes i remember Allah , when food and drink came i praise Allah is first i would say sometime even tears, to my parents i said beautiful words untill they surprised that im changed, when people scold or shout i reply in beautiful manner tone as problem are solved easy and fast.When permission is must when borrow , when my parents , cousins love me and buy food and clothes for me without asking or wanting, when my siblings asked why your face have brighten

i pray and ask Allah for what i need really came today or sometimes later and be pleased to Allah looking up. I listen and i accepted from Allah and Prophet pbuh.

Peace is what i always get.My iman increase and increase..

But when one day something happen similar like what the brother experience.
Weird or even stupid question cames profusely as i become confused.
i hesistate almost everyday and when guilty and scared. as in that time i dont have religious class so i when puzzled all the time and always sigh.

And slowly sadly all of the above goodly deeds step down and iman heart change..people surrounding me change..

i always ask to myself am i a great munafik
and that was saddest, heartbroking moment of my life.

and after month by month pass..
i decided to get back to Allah and really MISS my previous Iman
Because i just want the peace and the wonderful taste of faith!
so i need knowledge in case the weird and stupid question appear,
and Of course ALLAH is still with me, and in my prayer i will try to remember always ask for Good Knowledge which leads me to straight path.

and one day i have this Opportunity to talk to my school teacher as i told her that i need a religious class..
Alhamdulilah she introduce me to this class which teach me Authentic Quran and Sunnah and forbid bidaah and started to attend.
as she told me

And im so happy Alhamdulilah..
All this happen to me got it own remedy and all matters return to no one except Allah.
i will keep trying when i will say Giving up is the worst solution ever.
and Finally i would say

I listen and i plant it to my heart.

-Your learning Brother Hamzi