Problem Need Duas, facing SERIOUS problems related to BLACK MAGIC

Discussion in 'Islamic Discussion' started by Ummah 99, Feb 3, 2017.

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    I know it has been a while but I am in need of a lot of dua right now. I come from a full Muslim family but still things are different for me. It happens that my father's own elder brother's wife is a practitioner of black magic and whatever ill fate has befallen us so far was her doing, my mother went to an Islamic exorcist- those who take out curses and Jinns from people and he informed her this. Remember how I did bad in my studies even after studying sincerely, falling into illness at odd times, it's all because of this. The dangerous of all is that she has bewitched my father in such a way he is not attracted to his family and he is more attracted to my elder aunt than my mother, this is something he himself claimed. He has donated 2.5 million taka to them just like that without informing us and refuses to finance my Master in Finance, I got an acceptance at Queen's University, see the attached file, I was able to do good at BBA but my father is never satisfied, he even criticized my writings, all my religious alms and Ibadah, I published two Islamic books- The Weekly Khutbah at Amazon, Alhammdulillah, but my father does not appreciates it and criticizes it for not being sold much which signifies what I wrote was worthless. I swear I put in my blood, sweat and tears to this and publishing it would not have been possible if it wasn't for the permission of Allah. See the link:
    He even locks the door when I am reciting the Quran as he does not like to hear the recitation. If you can recall, it is Shaitan who flees when he hears the recitation of the Quran...
    These people has stolen properties of our entire family and still draining the cash of my father and my father is gone, he is no more like he used to be, I can't do anything about this because not only he is weak in faith but he also refuses to pay Zakah, you know Allah helps those who accepts His help and this goes true for Prophets as well, that's why Allah did not give Imaan to the family of Prophet Nuh (as.) and Lut (as.) as they denied it. My mother wanted to use a counter witchcraft in retaliation but I refused that, it will make matters worse. I discovered almost all parts of my family are bewitched as most of my uncles and aunts don't pray regularly and this goes true for my cousins as well and they mostly hate me. I now know why I have been such oddity in the family, I always felt like I never fit in, always being belittled by everyone around me and this all makes sense, previously their black magic worked on me but after being religious, I was free from it, doing good at the University promising to finance my Masters but he gave away all his money and now we are gone. :(

    My aunt is such a powerful witch she can even control the minds through the help of Jinns but only to those who are weak in faith. 2 days back my father said that he thinks my cousin (their son) is a better son to him than me, when I asked him to finance my studies abroad and feels like leaving us and living with them instead, this isn't a normal behavior, this is the effect of the magic that has been done on him and these people display themselves as the most religious folks in the family, Allahu Alim. My mother has cried countless nights knowing of this. These people are even took money to do Hajj this year and my parents still haven't done Hajj. You may think why haven't I sought any help because there is no member in my family who is stronger in faith than me. The reason why I have been cursed and criticized by my own father is because they are trying hard to take control of me as well, with me gone they will take all that is left in my family and give it to their son, their son is also trying to steal the properties of his own boss as well and he one time even laughed and claimed this by saying- "I wish my boss gave his entire company to me" while we were having a dinner together. I recently protested against this to my cousin by requesting them to stop as my father is losing his job this year and me and my sister still got to establish our future and I promised to testify against them on the Day of Judgement if they don't give back all that they took and they have complained to my father with my uncle crying (purely acting) that he loves me so much but how can I tell this sort of things to his family. My father raged out at me saying he does not feel like I am his son. Now I have become their prime target so that is why I want you to make dua on my behalf. I know it took me more than 20 years to realize that I was born in a messed up family but when I think over it, Allah did all this to intensify my desire to detach myself from my family and establish an Islamic household on my own- this is the reason I was born in this family, I know there is a Hadith that breaking off kinship is a serious offence and can cost Jannah but I need to do this in order to remain in the side of Allah, after my MBA from here, I will try my best to get citizenship at Canada where some of my aunts and uncles are, the younger brother of my father was also bewitched but when he went off to Canada, he got better, meaning when you travel far off, the spells no longer work on you, that is the thing I need to do. I also requested my father to apply abroad but he is very stubborn to stay here. Don't feel sad about me, just pray for me, I now know why I was born like this and of all people Allah chose me to be different from the anyone in my family. Hope you all are doing well, stay blessed.

    Please do post any form of helpful advice regarding what I should do, I am just a 22 year old recent BBA graduate majoring in Finance. My father would not accept any Islamic scholars coming to the house, going anywhere helpful, he does not go to the Masjid (I go there alone) and when I ask him to apply for citizenship abroad, he gets severely angry, he is so attached to these people, mind you he is not possessed, he is being influenced by the Jinns being sent by my eldest aunt. If I speak anything foul about them, he gets so angry that he even threatens to leave the family and live with them. So need a lot of duas... :(

    @Mabsoot Need help akhi.

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