New Anti-Shia Website Launched

al-Salamu `Aleykum wa Rahmatullah,

Peace be upon all of our brothers and sisters in Islam,

This great religion has always been the target for the corrupt and deluded followers of the devils, these individuals have always sought to destroy the essence of Islam in every possible way but they soon learned that they cannot put out the light of Allah, they were not able to remove Islam from the hearts and minds of the Muslims by force so they resorted to trickery and deceit. The creation of the evil Shia sect known as the Rafidhah (Twelver Shia) was one of the attempts of our greatest enemies to try and destroy the religion from the inside and sadly they would succeed every now and then in claiming a lost confused soul, a soul that was not fortified by knowledge and faith, and turn it into an aggressive soldier against Allah (swt) and his messenger (saws)!

Allah most high would protect his religion and grant it victory over the oppressors, for he has his own soldiers, faithful brothers and sisters who are well-prepared in their respective fields, some are devoted to defending the religion with their wealth, some with their selves, some against the Atheists and philosophers, some against the Christians and the Jews, and some against the misguided sects that infiltrated the religion and wore a mask of brotherhood to fool the Muslims. is a website that provides the authentic SUNNI alternative to the popular Islamic history that is propagated online through various Shia websites and media hubs. Our goal is to spread the knowledge and uncover the lies of those who claim to be the followers of the prophetic household, to counter their propaganda and un-veil their vile beliefs, to preserve our great history and defend our predecessors, and to fulfill our religious obligation in defending Islam so that we may have an answer when we are asked in the grave.

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