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    Assalamu alaykum,Here is Some Information About Being Part of this Amazing WebSite

    1. Registering and Joining this TurnToIslam Community!

    1. Welcome to TurnToIslam.Com - To get started fill out this little form


    After You Have Registered: :cool:

    Then Make your first Post in the
    Introduce Yourself! Forum. Introduce Yourself to this website, and get started in our fresh new Online Islamic Community. You can view and Download Lots of stuff, as well as read articles, get help and support as well as make friends with Muslims from all over the world!

    To View All the Website, Simply Go to TURNTOISLAM.COM/FORUM and browse around, discuss issues, make your own new topics and contribute to the website.

    Contributing Regularly to The Website Helps Our Website Grow! So Please do Help Us inshaAllah.

    Help by:

    Making new Threads

    Replying sensibly to other people

    Contributing Articles about Islam or about matters which relate to Muslims.

    You can Add Videos,
    Translate Videos

    Add Quran Mp3 links.......

    And can do much much more to help

    So please do contribute to the site and reply to any topics.

    Membership is free! You can download videos, Mp3s, Pictures and much more. :ma:

    However, There are a few levels of membership. People who first join the site will have their posts closely moderated and viewed. After a certain amount of time newly registered members will increasingly have the opportunity to have more features enabled including ability to post new topics and contribute Islamic media to the website.

    Muslims and Non Muslims are welcome - Any Troublemakers who do not come to this site with a Clean intention to learn or find out more about Islam will be banned.

    2. What You Get from joining TurnToIslam.Com

    a) Absolutely FREE Unique Islamic Content

    --- we want to make sure everyone has access to Islam in order to learn and become better people.

    - Islamic Videos

    - Quran Mp3s

    - Pictures

    - Discussions

    - Indepth Articles

    - Free Downloads

    - Ability to contribute and help Muslims
    and much more.

    3. Site Rules!

    -------------- SITE RULES --------

    --------------PLEASE READ SO YOU DONT GET BANNED! -----------


    The Following is not allowed on the Forums, and in some cases an instant Ban on an user May be put in place:

    - insults, racial slurs and swearing.

    - Being disrespectful of Islam or any other Faith.

    - Promoting Lies and Untruthful Links.

    - Any kind of unsolicited messaging and stalking, Sending Messages to opposite sex. Sisters had asked for this feature to be implemented so Messages are monitored from time to time so are not 100% private. In order to ensure the website members have good islamic environment.

    - Any Threads made merely to Promote A Website. - Spamming not allowed. i.e. Just coming here to promote a website. Whether it is a Business, Personal, Non-Business, Islamic or any other site. - We have the right to remove at will.

    - Insulting the Admins and Moderators of this site. This includes Opening New Discussion Threads Questioning Moderation. This must be done in Private through the use of PMs.

    - Speaking in favour of killing Civillians. - Any topics written supporting the death of any civillian or bombing any country (i.e. Iraq) will not be allowed. This is wholly UnIslamic.

    - Interfaith Debates not allowed. These forums are not made for people to try and debate Muslims over any issues. Rather, this site is for Islamic information.

    - Harassing or stalking/ Pestering of other members.

    - Avatar pictures must be of sensible nature in conformity of Islamic rules.

    Some More Rules:

    - Avoid Typing in Capital Letters

    - Please keep ON TOPIC. Please Do not make threads meander off-topic. Topics of political nature should be kept with the confines of the Political section, otherwise will be closed.

    - Avoid Reposting topics. Please use search function to avoid making a topic for information / news that already exists.

    - Learn to forgive and overlook any members. Do not follow up any posts with cynical replies.

    - MODERATORS WORD FINAL IN ALL CASES - Dont make topics discussing our Decisions!! Simply PM us and talk to us in Private. (otherwise you will look very silly complaining)
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