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welcome sister

Assalam wr wb , welcome sister to Islam , imso happy for u , u did save

urself , ALhamdulillah.

im a quran tajweed teacher ; i do teach on real and on net u can join our

class too

here is my yahoo id to ask any u neeed our duty is to teach alhamdulillah

my id : taqoi_piety

may allah give u the best of eman and health and knowledge ameen

ur brother in islam Quran_teacher


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Going to the nearest mosque/Islamic centre (usually, but not always the same place) and taking the Shahadah seems to be the most common way.

Remember to cover your hair before you go in, though.


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:salam2: mashallah im happy for you that you have finally found the right path..
ask allah:tti_sister: to help you live on this path and carry on that way

your sister in islam


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ooo mashallah thank god that he showed u the ryt path like he showed all of us the ryt Path!!!! me i admit i woz bad but now...Im Better!!:)


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Hello my name is Ayshia I recently converted to Islam in May this year.

Dear Sis

first Thanks to the Almighty that u finally entered this Religion and u finally made a great transaction with the Almighty and a transition into ur life, I believe sister ur coming to this religion will answer many questions uve always asked urself in past cuz this religion sis is simply the Solution for humanity and when im saying solution for the humanity i mean that it does answer anything in this universe and u have to know also that from this day u convert to Islam wutever u made mistakes or sins or anything else, its gonna be erased but ofcourse wut u owe to people u still have it..!!)) im very happy really sister not because u join our community TTI but that u found the best path for u and for ur children all the way... inshalla on behalf of TTI team we the users will help u as far as we can

WAslamu Alikum
ur brothe in islam


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As salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wabrakatuhu sister
Welcome to TTI. We are one family out here, all brothers and sisters. May Allah Subhanahu wa Taala bless you and your family and keep you in the path of Righteousness always.


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To all brothers and sister ...i'm new here.first at all i want to said,my english not so good but i tried:D ..i'm from kuala Lumpur,Malaysia.. i'm come Islam family..but i so emberrassed myself..i'm not good in to be good muslim..actually i'm come form islam family and society..Malaysia..Islam country!!..but i don't know how can to be happen to me...:redface: ??.. but i realize must change my be Islam person!!..insyahAllah..